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TESTIMONIALS - Thetahealing

Dr. Divya Sadaram

Texax, USA

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

First, I would like to sincerely thank G Ruthara ma'am for being a divine instrument and for bringing ThetaHealing® in to my life. My first session with her opened up my desire to have a clear awareness of life and all of its possibilities. As I continued doing all the 3 levels with her I noticed a tangible difference and an awesome positive change in my life for which I am really grateful! I learned so much from this great teacher. G Ruthara has been more than a mentor to me in this spiritual journey.  Infinite doors opened up for me both personally and professionally as I went deeper into the practice. I will always remember how G Ruthara inspired me to attend this workshop - her compassion and conviction influenced me and I am filled with gratitude and love.


Dr. Zia M Sheikh M.D.

Internal Medicine, Nephrology Specialist from Olean, New York, USA

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I have been to quite a few energy healers in my quest for personal growth and journey toward learning alternative healing methods. G Ruthara has been a great teacher who embodies everything I was looking for in that journey.I had a profound life-changing experience after doing three levels of ThetaHealing with G Ruthara relating specifically to the area I felt that was blocked in my life. I was truly astounded to have such tangible results. I went into my experience with her with very little expectations and if anything just wanted to explore energy healing and movement connected to some areas of my life in which I felt stuck in.

G Ruthara is a treasure chest of knowledge. She lends a great ear and our talks have definitely assisted in my healing. she is non-judgemental,  loving and compassionate. She comes from an ancient line of healers as seen through her incredible sense of intuition.   She has an instinctive ability to dig deep into a problem and pull out the forces that are holding us back.  With her powerful healing and care, I was able to spot the problems that were going on within.

If you find yourself on a search for something that will help you break old negative patterns of behaving & thinking...get in touch with her. Approach with an open heart & mind and I am sure you will be glad that you did. Love & Gratitude God bless you !!


Emily Silverman M.Div, Ph.D

San Francisco, CA, USA (Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Abundance and Manifesting, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, Soul Mate & You and the Creator)

I have had the honor of studying ThetaHealing with the wonderful teacher G Ruthara. My experience with ThetaHealing has been life-transforming.  Thetahealing is a deep trauma release modality that goes deeper than any other modalities I have experienced. Once you learn to dig and learn to release trauma from the four levels of family patterns, ancestors, DNA, and soul one can begin to align themselves with their true Divine nature and calling in this world - One is able to manifest and create abundance. I work with a somatic therapist and she could not believe how quickly I could heal myself by using the theta technique. The therapist said it could take years to release what I have released in 15 minutes with a Thetahealing practitioner.  I also experienced abundance coming into my life. I was offered a job as soon as I completed the four levels and invited to apply to a research fellowship at my Alma Mater at Harvard Divinity School. I have found thetahealing to be one of the strongest and deepest healing modalities I have experienced. It goes deeper than Reiki and EMDR.  Lots of love and gratitude to my wonderful, loving teacher G Ruthara  💕


Dr. Veronique Haymon MD

Psychiatrist, New Orleans, USA

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

G. Ruthara is an experienced, intelligent teacher who can quickly guide you through a Theta Healing course. I was surprised at the number of subconscious beliefs I was holding on to after years of psychotherapy, as well as training as a psychiatrist.

The digging process is very direct, and designed to quickly get to core beliefs that are creating problems for you. G Ruthara is very intuitive and responsive to participants needs and she has a very open and non-judgmental attitude.

I felt safe to share the reasons I had certain beliefs and, with her guidance, was able to decide to change many of them. She also is a motivator to her students and emphasizes that changes do not stick unless there is commitment to daily self practice. I felt much freer and lighter after the classes and really enjoyed learning about Theta from G. Ruthara.

MIMI Lopez- Steele.jpg

MIMI Lopez- Steele

Orange County, CA, USA 

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper & Manifesting and Abundance)

I am truly grateful to have learned four levels of Theta Healing with G Ruthara ma'am. Today was such a special day because I spent it in the company of ma'am and some very special fellow travelers. We learned what is possibly one of ma'am's best classes. These sessions opened up more understanding from the level of the soul for me - the importance of the energy of the heart, the value of a regular practice and the strength of community and like-minded friends. 

In between March and now there have been miraculous changes in my relationship with abundance, with money, with my work and even with my past.  So many cobwebs, ancestral beliefs and emotional blocks around money have been cleared and my mindset has opened up to freedom, unlimitedness and expansion.

Thank you so much Ruthara ma'am for your endless commitment to us, your students, for constantly reinventing yourself over and over again so that we all get nothing but the best.  Theta Healing is magic and I am so excited to share this modality with my clients. I am beyond grateful for this journey and this beautiful modality. ❤ Ruthara ma'am's soul is sacred and I am blessed to call her my teacher.

Ma'am, your light and love are beyond words and I am truly grateful to have you as my guide on the path. My heart is so full of love and gratitude.

Trusa Patel.jpg

Trusa Patel

Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate)

Sincerest gratitude and love goes to G Ruthara for holding such a beautiful space to allow healing. I met her when I started exploring ThetaHealing and joined her for several classes. ThetaHealing expounded on what I was learning via other healing courses and provided me with more context. During G Ruthara’s classes, I experienced some of my most profound class meditations and am eternally grateful for the experience.


I also asked G Ruthara to help my mother with some digging sessions and healing, which benefited her greatly. The world of energy healing is so subtle and exciting, and the impact I feel on my own life over the last few years has been amazing. I’m so happy to have met G Ruthara on this journey.


If you’re looking for a loving energy healer who is powerful and talented, and so obviously born to do this work, definitely reach out to G Ruthara and see how she can help you.


Lots of love and Gratitude

 God bless! Thank you 🌺🙏🌺


Sonia's Bhatt.jpg

Soniyaa Bhatt

Entrepreneur, Import and distribution, Impress India. Chennai, India

(Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifestation, You and the Creator, You and the Significant Other, Soulmate)

Theta Healing came about when I needed it the most and this has been the only healing modality I have ever learnt or the only one I would ever need to know; because the programs are so extensive and all-encompassing for anyone who wants to heal from past trauma and lead a life as a co-creator. The tools and techniques taught are by far some of the easiest and the quickest ways to understand what your beliefs and programs are, whether or not they are serving you in your current stage of life, and how to release them instantly.


I feel truly blessed to have met a teacher like G Ruthara Ma’am in my very first outing itself that I knew I was under the love and care of a highly sensitive and spiritual being. As we progressed through many levels of the course my truth and faith in her as a teacher deepened. She is highly intuitive and connected with each of her students during the class energetically during which I witnessed many Psychic wonders such as telepathic communication, mind-reading, and instant healing in her presence. I am forever grateful to her for her constant words of encouragement to keep learning and to keep growing. A soul so beautiful and you know it because she walks the talk and is a true embodiment of unconditional love and compassion for one and all.


I have benefited immensely from these courses in both my personal and professional life. I read and transmute energy with ease, I have become a master-manifestor by simply realizing and releasing the many blocks that work against me, I am in a healthy relationship with my family and friends, and most importantly I am loving myself fiercely and unconditionally more than ever by reinstating faith and trust in myself and the creator.


Perlita Mosier

San Francisco, California, USA

I signed up for the ThetaHealing workshop to explore the different possibilities offered for spiritual growth and healing. I also chose G Ruthara's class because of her extensive experience with ThetaHealing. At the workshop, I was given a lot of time to use the tools myself and trust in my intuition. G Ruthara allowed me to learn Theta Healing by not only observing her, but by doing the process myself with no judgment. She is a firm, yet gentle and nurturing teacher. I recommend her class highly.

Jaana Pajula.jpg

Jaana Pajula

Interior Designer, Finland

(Basic, Advanced and Manifesting and Abundance)

​My initial interest came from reading the spiritually inspiring book by psychic, Niina-Matilda Juhola of Finland. ✿ Heartful of Thanks for this Basic Theta workshop. Our reflections were genuine and Theta was experienced.  I did the Advanced DNA course in Jan, 2013.   I had the wonderful opportunity to open some long-term locked and hidden doors to my heart with the techniques I learnt. I got rid of loads of unnecessary burdens. It was just awesome!

After attending the Abundance and Manifestation seminar, I’ve learnt to proceed from meditation to using the lessons learnt and to heal not just limiting beliefs but actually open my mind and manifesting my dreams. The results are accurate and for my highest and best.  When the manifestation happens, it is most encouraging and thrilling! I thank the Creator, for providing straightforward opportunities and practice sessions one after the other! I am amazed at the increasing feeling of connection, divine timing and a manifestation of more than my expectations - my life has become literally more wonderful than before!

I thank you, G Ruthara mam, for your insightful and experienced coaching during the seminars. I much enjoyed our discussions. Thank you for your time, thoughts and inspiration!  Your courses have been a big blessing indeed.   Wishing you receive all the energies you wish for to keep working in this field of loving and guiding people to grow in the same way as you have. I continue to be inspired by your faith and vibrancy! Love and Light  


Kelley Amrein

Writer, Boston, USA

After the Basic Theta Healing Workshop I felt myself open up and release thoughts, pain, all that has held me back from living my fullest life. Madam G Ruthara is supportive yet firm in her teaching and guidance. Her intuitive insights guided me to heal more than I had even recognised was troubling me. A big, heartfelt thankyou to her and all of the other wonderful people I met over the weekend.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-17 at 8.06.35 PM.


IT Engineer, Palo Alto, CA

Thank you for hosting this class! I learned quite a bit about soul mates and attracting soul mates. We were able to clear large blocks and now I have the tools to clear blocks and attract my most compatible soul mate! I also learned how to attract the right people in my life in my career and family.  Gratitude and Best wishes 


Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Ph.D

Associate Professor, University of Kota, Rajasthan

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

We all wishfully yearn to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... Well! I have finally found it, because I was lucky enough to find a Theta Guru like Ruthara madam.

It was as if the flood gates of happiness had opened up for me. I have done the three levels of Theta under her; I would love to do a lot more with her. She is amazing, energetic, vital and dedicated to the core! A million thanks to her for being an institution in herself, so poised, so grounded and so selfless in her service to others. And a million blessings and benedictions to her team members who were so strong, so supportive, warm and caring. They are "The Theta family" and I recommend everyone who is on a self-help trip to go straight to Ruthara madam and her team of able, good, intuitive and selfless people.


Vijayashree Srinivasan

Software Engineer from Palo Alto, California

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I met Ruthara madam at a crucial juncture in my life when I had to make some very tough decisions. What I really admired about her, the very first time I met her was her complete non judgemental attitude. This really helped me open up and face some of my own fears. Even though she is a clairvoyant, she didn't just make the decision for me nor did she preach what is right. She walked me through my options, helped me see where each decision would lead to and then gently guided me to decide what in the end I felt was right for me.

I felt powerful and owned my decision. What I also found unique about Ruthara madam is that she does not hand out a 'one size fits all' solution. She really listens to your situation and guides you towards the solution. I learnt 3 levels of theta healing which to date helps me sail through my problems. Although she is well versed in various modalities of healing, she is constantly learning new techniques to help out her students. One can only come out feeling more stronger and powerful after meeting her once.


Aurelie Chauvet

French & Yoga Teacher

Interesting workshop that helped me to focus more on the goals I have in life. Good instructions to follow for learning and teaching how to reach the seventh plane and to clean well, our chakras. This kind of training is particularly useful for me as a reminder of all the interconnections we have in our everyday life and so will help me to deal with them better in my future life - healing and teaching other souls.  Thank you to G Ruthara.


Dr. S. Yogaraj

MD, DM (Neurology), Consultant Neurologist, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Theta healing was an amazing revelation of what one could achieve with the Creator and a passionate master. The results are tremendous, the knowledge is awesome!


Dr. Shaamim

MBBS, MD in Microbiology, Assistant Professor, Bangalore, India

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Entering the world of Theta, I experienced an awesome journey to the spiritual world. Ma'am took me through an unbelievable journey of my past life revealing the cause for the way my life was. I could relate why I had certain feelings in me and why I never appreciated my life. I was able to let go of my past feelings. Theta has transformed my life in such way that I live my daily life with self-respect and I honour myself in my personal and professional life. I have a positive outlook towards life and I am able to express myself with ease. I have let go of past hurts and regrets. Now I don't feel guilty for the smallest of things anymore. At work, I voice out my opinions and don’t tolerate injustice.

I'm truly blessed to have met a soul like Ruthara ma'am who takes much pain to understand and give guidance to each one of us.


Dr. Mahendra Babu

Dentist, Bangalore, India

New and effective insights. Best course for life. Great teacher with extra-ordinary knowledge of life and its issues. Explicit commitment towards solving the life issues of participants. Dedicated tutoring, attending to every need of the participants.



Prakriti Healing Arts ,

Offering Animal communication, Energy Healing and Tarot/Oracle reading

 (ThetaHealing® Basic DNA & Advanced DNA)

I have been wanting to write this for quite some time but felt weird (yeah, that's the old version of me coming up). As I lie in my bed trying to sleep, I am thinking of the various people who had been/is a part of my life and helped me become a better version of who I am. Like I always say, 'gratitude' didn't come to me easily. My upbringing, the societal conditioning, the fear of abandonment, the fear of getting hurt, etc., had subconsciously forced me to put up a brave, I-don’t-care face. It led me to shun my feminine self and take up a tomboy attitude. The need to survive led me to lose touch with my emotions, my thoughts and my needs.


However things started to change in the last 3 years, it was my journey down the rabbit hole and hell, it was scary. I had beautiful humans who held my hand and guided me in this process. One such person is Ruthara ma'am from @holistic.innovation - she is my teacher and guide in many ways (like Karnan & Parashuram - I like this duo).


Selflessness is a rare trait - especially when it comes to the growth and wellbeing of others. I feel she is one such rare breed. She goes this extra mile to ensure the wellbeing of her students. Recently she did something that kinda made me feel overwhelmed (kinda felt personal) and well, as neither did I nor any other students had asked for it but nevertheless she did it for us. I am grateful to the universe for sending such a beautiful soul into my life!


Dr. Snigdha Nautiyal

Bangalore, India

Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Consultant


Learnt some interesting concepts. Could relate to quite a few of them well. From Theta Healing process long term benefits are visible. The visualizing work as part of Theta Learning was good. Understanding the levels of consciousness was very helpful. It was a very good experience.


Dr. Rajshree Kedage

Bangalore, India

Theta Healing was taught beautifully by madam G Ruthara. She made it very simple and understandable by making it an experiential workshop. With Theta, I was able to identify the point of origin of a limiting beliefs and replace it immediately and successfully. After learning Basic Theta I feel more in control of situations and free from irrational fears to a great extent. Theta Healing is a good technique to alter all the negative beliefs. I thank Madam G Ruthara for her kind and patient approach to the subject.

My heart radiates with gratitude and love. Thank you so much!!


Dr. Chaitanya Sridhar

Ph.D., UWA, Australia, Sports Psychologist, Bangalore

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Profound, Enriching, Liberating and Empowering. ThetaHealing works wonders at the individual and professional level as there is a lot of clarity and centeredness due to accessing the Theta Brain Wave State. Being a Sports Psychologist, I'm aware of the importance of Belief Work. Theta mediations and Digging have further fine tuned my skills and I hope to inculcate it and further aid those who come to me. Also, my visions and intuition has seen a positive impact since I've done Theta. Just being in the Theta State feels wonderful.

I'm very thankful to Ruthara Mam for her love, guidance and support. I'm blessed to do three levels with her. ThetaHealing definitely aids in Manifesting and Empowering.

Thank you Ruthara Mam for the amazing workshop :) It brought to light core issues essential for growth. You're truly empowering people. I hope to inculcate ThetaHealing in my profession as a sports psychologist.


Arut Prakash

MSc Geology,  Suptdg Geologist  Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.,  A Govt Of India Enterprises

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I met Ruthara mam in a Rotary club meeting when she gave a talk on ThetaHealing. I am working in ONGC and I was posted in Northeast of India for an assignment. I suffered food poisoning there. As there was no proper hospital there, I was airlifted to Calcutta after a week. But by then my condition was critical and my gall bladder was completely damaged. I was hospitalized for 3 months. From then on I could eat only bland food and lost 50 Kgs. I was a walking skeleton. Next 2 years I was hospitalized almost every month spending more than 1 lakh of rupees.

I went to Bangalore from Chennai and I did ThetaHealing Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Manifesting and Abundance.


Then a miracle happened! In 6 months I put on 30 Kgs weight and my monthly hospitalization stopped. My health improved drastically and became more energetic. Thanks to G Ruthara mam for the Divine Intervention.


The greatest gift that I’ve received from the Manifesting and Abundance is a whole new way of living and existence. By utilizing the power of manifestation and intention, my whole life is so much more effortless and joyful. Thetahealing is the most powerful workshop I’ve ever attended, certainly in terms of clearing issues and of allowing abundance to flow in and out of my life! I’m really looking forward to what manifests in the next days, months and future. I recommend this to everyone. A great synthesis of both high-level spiritual concepts that form the basis of your wealth and then the nuts and bolts. I can tell you on a purely personal level, this workshop is already improving my life.


Maya Rajan

Occupational Health & Safety trainer
(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting Abundance, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Soul Mate, You and the Creator and You and Your Inner Circle )

I have learnt ThetaHealing foundation and a couple of relationship seminars from G Ruthara mam.  I should say my teacher and ThetaHealing have changed my life.  I am very lucky to have found a teacher who has vast experience in healing, is wise, kind and loving, and above all knows the subject very well. I found my spiritual guru who can lead me back to the Creator.  

I learnt ThetaHealing to heal myself.  I initially thought just the Basic DNA seminar would do.  But I have got hooked on to it since. Various processes learnt in the foundation classes have prepared me for the higher science yet to come, by clearing the negative blocks that prevented me from connecting to the Creator.  

ThetaHealing Rhythm fixed my body issues.  I am not saying all my body issues healed instantly, but the process began.  I found the will and energy to do some daily practice, and I am on it since. 

You and the Creator is one of my favourites! Until I attended this course, a small doubt lingered in the back of my mind if it was my ego that was speaking or the Creator.  In this class, I leant to discern the difference between the ‘I’ and the Creator.  I could experience the quickest and the highest-best healing take place after this class, both for myself and my client.

You and Your Inner Circle taught me the various states of mind people are in. It taught me much about myself - why I behave the way I behave.  Now, Iam very conscious about what I say and do, as my mind immediately sending warning signals if I am acting out of a child mentality. This class has taught me whom to have in my inner circle and who are the energy-suckers that can be sent to the outer circle. 

You and the Significant Other was an eye opener to all the mistakes I had committed in my relationship. This class was just awesome, in the sense that I could learn all the good virtues need to be a significant other. This class is for everyone who want to step into a marriage, relationship, partnership or simply to co-exist at home, office or society. The class makes you a person liked by everyone, including yourself.  Go for it!

I will highly recommend G Ruthara mam and ThetaHealing to anyone who is interested in discovering their better version!

Love and hugs, 💗

Priyanka Mohan.jpg

Priyanka Mohan

Double masters in Environmental science, Chennai, India

International development consultant, author, facilitator/trainer, and content developer, focussed on building resilient communities and interconnected ecosystems

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Rhythm for Finding Your Perfect Weight)

It's amazing and the experience is subtle, surprising and many times intense. Participating in several ThetaHealing workshops, I have learnt to understand that spiritual elevation is very unique to oneself, healing, empowering, deep and can touch the hidden aspects of the self.

G Rutharaji is an inspiring teacher and medicine woman. I'm always in awe of her spiritual vibrations. She is a wonderful, nurturing, understanding and hands-on spiritual guide. She has allowed me to reflect, feel, sense and connect during the course of learning. I am learning to value my true self.

Also, G Rutharaji's personal sessions have been the best for me as I could work on the core emotions and its release. Immense gratitude for healing a part of me during important stages in my life.


With gratitude and love. Thank you so much!! 💗


Kalapa P B

Proprietor, Fire Consultant, Bangalore

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and The Creator and  You and Your Inner Circle)

I am very lucky to have learnt the ThetaHealing foundation classes (Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper and Manifesting & Abundance), and some of the relationship classes (Soul Mate, You and the Creator and You and the Inner Circle) within a short span of time.   The classes were truly amazing and I have learnt the most important lessons.  Everyone should learn ThetaHealing to make their life wonderful.

Soul Mate class was a very beautiful experience for me. I was facing some trouble with a few of my relationships, and believe it or not, I experienced a drastic change not only in myself but everyone else around me too! I can’t describe in words how Theta Healing worked for me so instantaneously! My anxiety has reduced, my soul feels so much lighter, my focus has shifted from the negative things in life to working on real challenges, and the list goes on.

I have learnt to listen to the Creator’s voice, clearly, after completing You and the Creator class.  This science is just mind blowing! I now know the difference between my ego self talking and the Creator’s messages. 

The You and Your Inner Circle class was like doing a PhD on life. I learnt how to analyze my mindset and those in my inner circle. This is life changing, indeed!

I am very lucky to have a loving teacher who is not only a great teacher, but also a very kind hearted and loving person.  G Ruthara mam is a role model for us all!  She has set an example by giving back to our society. She is the biggest blessing in my life and I must have done some really good karma to meet mam in this lifetime. ❤️❤️🙏🏻



Chartered Accountant / Entrepreneur

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, Rhythm for Finding Your Perfect Weight, You and The Creator, You and Your Inner Circle and You and Your Significant other)

G Ruthara ma'am is a passionate teacher, an Intuitive healer, a determined change agent and an embodiment of love and compassion. Her unwavering commitment to ensure that every student leaves the course light and happy is awe-inspiring. I'm so fortunate to receive this powerful healing modality knowledge from someone, who lives and breathes Theta. Immense gratitude and love to you Ruthara ma'am! 

ThetaHealing Basic DNA introduced me to the power of our unlimited mind and the ability to easily heal ourselves from those theta state .I got complete healing from inside out, cutting cords that drain energy, clearing blockages, replacing limiting thoughts, beliefs and ideas learning to manifest desires for the highest and greatest good.

Advanced DNA took it a step deeper - what is no longer resourceful for me must no longer remain in my belief system. Regrets, rejection, resentment, grief, sadness and anger stored inside for many years were finally shown the door.  That opened the door to healing, peace, joy and abundance.


Dig Deeper - A powerful process added to my tool kit. A life-changing one that enabled me to easily dig deeper to the bottom most belief, uproot and transform any challenging circumstances, negative beliefs and patterns into positive ones.


Manifesting & Abundance – This course was an enlightening workshop that revealed the true meaning of abundance; integrate, embody, walk and talk prosperity consciousness in my life with several “Aha” moments.

Soul Mate - A deep and powerful program on attracting meaningful and beneficial relationships /soulmate into life. It totally transformed me from a perpetual giver, to a person who loves myself first. This self love is my ultimate realization - the love we radiate transforms our relationships and attract loving souls towards us. It helped me attract my soul family and soul friends, and bring deeper meaning to existing relationships.


You and the Creator - Although connecting with the Creator is the foundation for all healing, there is much to be cleared in building this bridge of trust. Which aspect of our belief levels responds to the events around us determine to a great degree, the outcome of our actions. This was the most important insight and learning for me from this program. What the Creator wishes for me is far removed from the gut reaction of my survival instinct. Learning to discern the two was the highlight of the program.

You and your inner circle - was a sequel to You and the Creator. It helped us understand the stage of mind development we are stuck in. The processes that were part of this program were deep and intense and covered aspects such as betrayal and its consequent impact on our beliefs.🌟💫

The key takeaway for me is that I am able to see people for what they are and will no longer impose my idea of what behavior / attitude they must exhibit. It is a very deep learning and brought to light, my own shortcomings. 🙏😇

Rhythm to a Prefect Weight was a program not simply about weight loss, but it delved deep into the psyche, into the long forgotten past and into the DNA to clear out beliefs, patterns, oaths and commitments that were no longer serving us, which were an obstacle to maintaining a healthy weight.💫

The heart song was not just the tone of the heart, but tone from all the organs and the solar plexus. The program was jam packed with so many goodies - it's hard to say which is better than the other. My digging partner cleared out childhood contracts that no longer served me and prevented me from having good health.

Every level of Theta healing has come to me at the right juncture of my life. It has helped me clear many debris from my mind, body, soul, relationships and revolutionize my life.


Karishma Tiwatia

CPA, H&Co LLP Bangalore

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and the Creator and You and Your Inner Circle)

Having done the foundation classes in Thetahealing under the guidance of G Ruthara ma'am, my life has been a true miracle! I have manifested the perfect life and the perfect partner for myself! She has been an inspiration for me and my family and there is truly no other teacher like her! ❤️ G Ruthara maam is the biggest blessing in my life and I have done some really good karma to meet maam in this lifetime. ❤️❤️🙏🏻

With every level of Thetahealing workshop, my faith in the Creator has become stronger than ever. The beauty of this modality is that it doesn't only empower me to change my life, but it also allows me to help my family and friends to change their life by releasing limiting beliefs, healing traumas, healing wounds, and much more! 

I was initially very hesitant when G Ruthara maam told me about the Soulmate class. It was not long before I was hit with the realization that G Ruthara mam and the Creator wanted me to do this as they know what is best for me. My perspective totally changed, and I was eagerly waiting for the class to start.  Soulmate class was a very beautiful experience for me. I was facing some trouble with a few of my relationships, and believe it or not, I experienced a drastic change not only in myself but everyone else around me too! I can’t describe in words how Theta Healing worked for me so instantaneously! My anxiety has reduced, my soul feels so much lighter, my focus has shifted from the negative things in life to working on real challenges, and the list goes on.

You and the Creator class is a very unique class! There is so much new information that this course has. I was extremely thrilled to be a part of this class. It was definitely not a very easy subject in terms of concept. As always, G Ruthara mam gave us a good understanding of the concept with real examples. My connection with the creator is stronger than ever! This class is for anyone who wants quick answers to life’s most difficult questions!

I was so excited to attend You and Your Inner circle class. The knowledge gained was just amazing.  I clearly know what state of mind people around me are in, and that empowers me when I am dealing with them.  The class also showed what mindset I am in in various areas of my life. Overall, a fantastic class!

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-17 at 7.46.43 PM.jpeg



(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting  and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and The Creator, You and Your Inner Circle and You and Your Significant other)

I'm very fortunate to have connected with a lovely soul like G Ruthara ma'am at a crucial period in my life. Theta healing has changed the way I look at life, this process was like a soul awakening moment for me. Having done back to back all foundation and few relationship classes it has helped me in removing all unwanted blockages and negative believes in my life. I use Thetahealing in my life on a daily basis and I'm happy to say that this has brought in a significant change in my life. G Ruthara ma'am is a wonderful and fantastic teacher, the way ma'am teaches makes it super easy for us to understand. "The best teachers teach from the heart ❤️ not from the book". Theta healing is for anyone and everyone, if I can do it, so can you!


In the Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper class I was able to clear major blocks that I held which was unknown to me and now that I have received the answer, it is much clearer to me.

Really happy to have been part of this wonderful Manifestation and Abundance class. I had cleared a lot of negative beliefs and replaced it with wonderful positive beliefs. I was waiting impatiently to attend this class and now that I have received amazingly new downloads and having learnt the art of manifesting I feel extremely motivated and confident.


You and the Creator - Having took part in this seminar I feel completely energized with a stronger sense of connection to the Creator. This class has not only enriched my knowledge but it has also helped me in removing and releasing negative beliefs in a much easier way.  This class is completely different from the previous theta healing seminars we have attended, it's a very powerful approach. My manifestations are only going to get stronger and stronger 😀.  I strongly recommend this seminar you and the creator to those who are eligible for it.


You and your inner circle was an intense two day workshop. It was completely different from the other theta healing classes. There is a lot of homework to do on myself after attending this class. This class opened my eyes as to where I need to improve in life. I would request those who have the pre requisites, to please attend this class the next time. It's is an eye opener. Once again thank you ma'am.



M.phil, Health advisor
(Basic, Advanced , Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and Your Inner Circle, You and Your Significant other)

Theta healing completely woke me up to the power of healing. I did my Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Manifestation & Abundance with G Ruthara ma'am in 2013. Since I had my first session with ma'am, my life has changed forever and will continue to evolve in such a way that I can fulfil my wildest dreams! 


G Ruthara ma'am broke through my blocks. She's unlike any other teacher/ healer I've been to. She's genuine, kind, talented and always gives the best to her clients & students. My life has completely changed since meeting her 🙏❤️ I'm very grateful to G Ruthara ma'am. 🙏 Her passion, joy, commitment is infectious 😊


Dig Deeper – this knowledge of digging process makes Theta healing's results lasting and effective. Our beliefs are like a Jenga stack – removing top beliefs don’t help as the bottom belief is still held in the energy body. As I pulled and cancelled the bottom most beliefs, I could eliminate my fears, blockages and negative pattern in all areas of my life - work and especially in my relationship with others.  I saw an increased sense of self confidence and self – worth.


After the Soul Mate class, I understood how I have been subconsciously holding onto some of the deep seated beliefs that doesn't serve me any good. There is such a huge feeling of fulfillment, in a way that is indescribable! I have never been happier or more satisfied😍😍🥰🥰 I don't live in the drama that I used to live in anymore.😉😉😎😎


You and your inner circle is a very powerful class that has created an "expanded awareness" and helped me to recognise my Inner Circle. It has also given me a deeper understanding of how to become a better and more improved version of myself.  I have learnt to keep the right people around me and filtering out the ones that doesn't deserve my time and attention! I feel so connected to myself and to source energy, feeling very grounded and content 💕✨💫😇 As always, the group energy was comfortable and super cool!



Fashion Designer

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and The Creator, You and Your Inner Circle and You and Your Significant other)

I have learnt from G Ruthara mam all the ThetaHealing foundation classes and few relationship classes, as well.  She is an amazing teacher, full of compassion and kindness! The foundation classes set the scene for me. I was rid of negative blocks that no longer served me.  I realized that these classes prepared me for the more intensive ones.

The Advanced DNA level was really an amazing experience. I learn about the planes in detail and cleared even those minute blockages that I have built up ourselves unknowingly.  For me, the most beautiful part was the ancestral reading by connecting with my pet who had passed away few months back and knowing that he’s very happy. Also the baby in womb was a nice experience

The Manifestation and Abundance workshop was really exciting for me. I had blockages that were interconnected and was able to clear them with the help of co-participants. The mediations was really relaxing.


The two-day You and the Creator workshop was really amazing and it was a wonderful experience. I am really glad to take part in this and released blockages through additional new concepts. The digging experience was very deep, but short and to the point. Receiving messages from the different planes was an amazing experience. The downloads received from the Creator directly, as well as from mam was energetic; and the forgiveness meditation was really powerful. I thank the group energy of all the participants that made the 2-day workshop memorable.


You and Your Inner Circle was an amazing two-day workshop. Really different from all the other workshops that I have attended. It helps us to understand the kind of people we surround ourselves with and why they are in that mindset and how it can also affect us. It’s given me clarity as to the people I want to attract in my life and be surrounded with. Really amazing!


Meenakshi SK

Sound Healer, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper,  Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, and You and the Creator)

A big thank you and heartfelt gratitude to G Ruthara Mam, for teaching Theta healing. With her guidance, I have completed the foundation classes of Theta healing and also Soul mate, Rhythm to a perfect weight and You and the Creator! 😊.

Even though I am already practicing other healing modalities, the experience of connecting to the Creator and then doing the healing is phenomenal. 

Having learnt different healing modalities with different teachers, I can definitely say that G Ruthara mam is a world class teacher. Her teachings are exquisite, simple to understand and easy to integrate. She understands the requirements of each of her students and guide them accordingly.

We, as her students are privileged to be learning from her ocean of spiritual knowledge and wisdom that flows to us as small rivulets and anchor in us eternally 🙏☀️🌟❄
Gratitude ❤️


Manifesting and Abundance - I had released all 100 limiting beliefs. A couple of days after the seminar, I observed subtle changes in me - more intuition, clarity, a lighter body and a sense of happiness. Very exciting!

RHYTHM webinar helped me delve deeper into Thetahealing. I could learn and unlearn more about myself. The process gave me a sense of wellbeing and joy. You and the Creator is a very special program! One has to really experience the processes to know, with surety, that the answers come directly from the Creator. Also, I came to know from which level of beliefs I was operating from in my day to day life, and how to change these beliefs rapidly by connecting to the Creator.


This in turn helps in living my life by learning virtues, leading me in the path of enlightenment. In this class, I have learnt to connect to the Creator in a swift and ease way, and to create magic in my life! Thank you!!


Sreedevi Sasikumar

MCA, IT, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper. Manifesting and Abundance, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight Soul Mate  and You and the Creator)

I thank Creator of All That Is for being able to complete the foundation courses of Theta Healing through G Ruthara Ma'am. I thank ma'am from the depth of my heart for teaching me and guiding me to be able to accept what is good for me for the highest and best. She has helped me with many processes that has helped change my beliefs which does not serve me. Ma'am also shares many real and personal experiences of hers in class which helped me a lot. It has taught me how to do healing, how to manage clients, how to deal in a certain situation and so on. This is where her experience matters. Each class of Ma'am’s gave me confidence, vibrant energy to move on in life making me a better person. Once again I thank Creator and G Ruthara Ma'am for teaching and guiding me to reach where I am right now.

Soul Mate Class - All meditations was excellent. After the class I feel happy, lighter and much more open to receiving compactable situations and compactable people in all areas of my life.  Soul mate class gave a deeper understanding of not only soul mates, but also about Soul family, soul friends and so on. Group energy was very powerful.

You and the Creator was yet another awesome class.  The meditations and digging techniques were amazing!  I have such a strong belief in my connection with the Creator after attending the class.  A few days after the class, I was guided by the Creator to heal myself and my kids through drawing. Feeling very happy, energized and powerful. This is the direct result of the class and having learnt to hear the Creator’s voice.


Sugeetha Vummiti

Gong practitioner, sound therapist,
(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper,  Manifesting and Abundance, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, Soul Mate, You and the Creator, You and Your Inner Circle and You and Your Significant other)

It’s has been an incredible journey learning valuable insights through Theta seminars with G Ruthara ji. As I completed all 4 levels of foundation and some of the relationship classes, I experienced climbing the ladder of consciousness is faster and easy thereby eliminating self-limiting beliefs & owning more space for our own wellbeing!

I have earned more peace, thereby empowering myself from unknown stress, fears, failures and sorrows. Thank you, G Ruthara ji, for bringing about the utmost positive changes in me🙏🏻 You and Your Inner Circle - This seminar is very unique in its own way enriching us with a deep knowledge to know & understand more about people, thus helping us to be at ease and set ourselves free.

Stepping into ‘You and the Creator’ seminar was phenomenal. I accessed my very core. Energies of various planes, their vibrations and connecting process were all very empowering!


I always wanted my children to empower themselves spiritually along with their academics. Learning along with my children is fun and fulfilling. Both my children have learned all Theta courses from G Ruthara ji. My long time wish blossomed under the care of a dedicated teacher. It’s my honor to have you, G Ruthara ji, in our lives🙏🏻💜



Corporate Sales, Air India, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, Soul Mate, You and The Creator and You and Your Inner Circle)

I have attended all foundation ThetaHealing seminars and couple of relationship seminars


These programs are life changing, as they are mind altering. Once the emotional charge is released from the bottom beliefs, magic happens! It’s like being in a self-help Time Machine…where the Creator is your Driver! As we release our conscious and subconscious blocks at different levels, we attract better things, people, situations and outcomes….effortlessly!


My “Gurumaa” (which translates to Teacher-Mother), G Ruthara mam has a combination of instilling discipline as well as showering us with unconditional love. She walks-the-talk in every aspect of her life. She is an inspiration and a role model. Her generosity in actions and sharing of knowledge is truly a gift for us. She stays in touch with daily quotes/blessings ….which binds our Theta student’s soul family.


I feel grateful to have received these healings and teachings. I look forward to a future filled with blessings in all areas of my Life.



Canberra, Australia
( Basic, Advanced , Dig Deeper and Manifesting  and Abundance)

I had heard of  G Ruthara man's work from as early as 1999, but it wasn’t until 2016 I experienced spiritual healing by attending the Theta healing Basic DNA with her. I was carrying negative emotions, hatred and lack of joy in life as a result of certain business experiences and people, which were draining my capacity to think and work. 

I was successfully able to relieve the pain and trauma associated with past events by attending Basic DNA. The feeling at the end of the workshop is amazing and it lasts for a long time.

 Also, attending various DNA Thetahealing levels initiated my spiritual journey, I have had 
Kundalini awakening, removing blocks in receiving money and achieved results through the power of manifesting. 

What was surprising was that on the day of attending these workshops I received news of receiving payments from clients which normally would take time otherwise. I have been able to think clearly, manifest, plan and achieve. Today I lead a more successful and contented life than I was leading before 2016. Thank you G Ruthara mam for showing me the power of manifestation and sharing this healing modality.  Love and Gratitude 💐💜


Mathan Kumar

Web Designer
( Basic, Advanced , Dig Deeper and Manifesting  and Abundance)

I have completed four levels of ThetaHealing foundation courses. It has helped to release deep rooted fear and trauma. I am able to breathe easy now. When I was experiencing the grief and trauma, it was overwhelming and made me feel powerless. But the techniques I learnt in the foundation level programs have empowered me. I no longer find the troubles bigger than me, for I am now well equipped with ThetaHealing processes to handle life’s challenges.


G Ruthara mam has done a wonderful job in helping me dig deep within myself to get rid of my limiting beliefs and issues from my past. These issues have been holding me back from performing my best in life. Mam is highly intuitive. She has been able to tune into my subconscious for answers. There are many aspects that resonates with me and I now have a better idea of my life path.  I experienced a shift and felt great after working together. G Ruthara mam is professional and caring, and she was able to provide many practical suggestions to help me integrate the effects of the healing into my life. I am on the way to showing up more powerfully in the world.

Seema Kamal.jpg

Seema Kamal

Panipat Haryana, Trustee Non profitable NGO DSS Trust 

(Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting  and Abundance)

My life has changed and keeps on changing everyday, thanks to ThetaHealing® and my teacher G Ruthara mam. 

I am in love with the technique and the results I witness every day in myself and in all of my clients. ThetaHealing® has changed my life completely and I keep on changing daily, doing work on myself and others. A great door has opened new possibilities for me and many others. Now I don’t live in the drama that I used to live. I am calm, happy and healthy and this really has made a huge difference in my life. 


I learned to live my life in gratitude now, in my body and my world. I love mam.

Thank you Thank you Thank you🙏🙏🙏



Beautician, Bangalore

(Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper and Manifesting  and Abundance)

If I had something to say about G Ruthara mam and her way of working, honestly I would say ''Amazing''. 

I received my certificates for ThetaHealing® Basic, Advance DNA, Dig Deeper and Manifestation from G Ruthara mam.


She is not only a wonderful energy to be around but also a great teacher and instructor. She is a wonderful person always there to listen and help and uses many techniques to get to the bottom of the issues. Being divinely guided is definitely her way of being! Personally I come from a very complicated ''history'' of life, and she has helped me ever so much. If you are looking for ''healing'' she is the one to help, and if you are looking for ''spiritual guidance'' she is also the one to seek, for she will definitely help you with yourself and your mission in life


The love, compassion, and intuitive “knowing” was fantastic.


Mam does indeed have a gift. I have experienced profound healing from her workshops. Knowing her has been truly life-changing and I am so very grateful!

Senthil Kumar.jpg

T.R.Senthil Kumar

Founder and Managing Director at Shiva Enterprises Rubber & Teflon-I PVT LTD

(Basic DNA, Advanced,  and Manifesting and Abundance) 

I have been G Ruthra mam’s student for the past eight years. I have attended several ThetaHealing® courses with her!!

In my experience, nothing works as quickly and profoundly changing one’s core beliefs, fears, phobias as ThetaHealing®.


If you have made a life changing decision to take a course in Theta Healing® whether it’s for your own benefit or for working with others, G Ruthara mam is the teacher of the teachers. Her diligent, efficient but also highly caring and devoting attitude to how she teaches creates an amazing energy in the class. She is highly knowledgeable in what she teaches and it straight away creates a big bulk of security and trust in Theta Healing® modality as well as our own abilities to succeed as practitioners.


Not only is mam a brilliant teacher, but also she is a fantastic healer.  Bless you mam, I’m so grateful to you!


Ravi Shankar Thandavan

Managing Director, Shlara Automation Pvt. Ltd.. Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

"I signed up for the 3-day ThetaHealing® Basic DNA Seminar not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I came out of it 3 days later a changed person. 

After doing Basic DNA I have attented several workshops with G Ruthara mam and it has literally changed my life for the better! She is a fantastic teacher and mentor! 

Her teaching skills combined with her sense of inner beauty and passion to share this powerful healing technique helped in changing my own negative patterns and beliefs. 

G Ruthara mam is one of the most down to earth, grounded, and gifted healers that I know.

She walks her talk and brings a level of authenticity and relatability that makes each workshop an enjoyable, engaging experience that never fails to gift me with deep insights and healing. I cannot recommend her enough!!!  

Thank you for all that you do! 



MBA, Bhubaneshwar (Orissa)

(Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper,  Manifesting and  Abundance and You and Your Significant other)

I'm really so happy to have found ThetaHealing and through it, my purpose. It has never felt so right... and in such gratitude! 

G Ruthara mam's teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways. I have attended The Basic, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper & Manifesting and Abundance seminars in ThetaHealing with mam. I have this newfound peace & emotional balance after doing the various meditations. Mam is a beautiful and gifted channel and has the purest heart I know on the planet. She is ever giving. ThetaHealing is a powerful and positive life-changing course. If one practices it with dedication, I am sure miracles can be created. The impact is beyond words. You have to do it to believe it.

I hope that everyone will have the chance to do this and change their lives for the better. And the best thing about it?.... IT'S SO EASY!!!!

With Infinite Thanks,  My heart radiates in this gratitude and love ❤️ Thank you 🙏

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Sunali Korade

IT professional, Bombay

(ThetaHealing® Soul Mate,Rhythm to a Perfect Weight,ThetaHealing®
You & the Inner Circle, ThetaHealing® You & your Significant Other,ThetaHealing®
You & the Creator)

I landed into G Ruthara Mam's universe as I followed my awareness to choose Theta instructior just looking at website.  I am so grateful for all the theta classes (All of YOU series classes, Soul Mate and the Rhythm class) I have done with her as she brings the direct energy of Theta modality without any filters. Her delivery of topics is so pointed that it goes right in your head. I love all the excercises, meditations done in the class. She is awesome 😎

Love and regards 💓


Om Prakash Mishra

(Principal Architect, IGNEX Datamatics, Bangalore

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

It was my privilege to learn the modality of Theta Healing with G Ruthara mam. One of the most profound learning for me is what we call digging. As soon as the old pattern of thoughts get released and replaced with new downloads, the flow of energy is restored. Now, I am given the tools to apply in any situation or problem I come across instead of breaking my head, blaming others or getting into a spiral of guilt. Having and applying it for manifesting my desires, co-creating with the Creator of All That Is in the highest and best possible way is a bliss to live with grace and gratitude.

Thank you so much G Ruthara ma'am, for revealing this innovative modality in a simple and lucid way, and giving me an opportunity to explore the connection with the Creator of All That Is. Thank you! You are a rare teacher on the planet, a source for healing, abundance and a guide for spiritual mastery.


Rina Bhalla

Pilot, Go Air, Bangalore

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I have never ever felt so light and relieved in my life. Theta seems to have taken away my burden of 17 years off my back in a jiffy. This has created a hollow space in my life though but now I have the freedom and theta to put in what I want. Finally I was able to live and experience a sense of belongingness to my self and my life. Thanks to ma'am for entertaining me as last minute gate crasher. She was extra sweet to help me through the healing despite her super hectic schedule.

Through theta, I could achieve self realisation and begin respecting myself. This led to a series of new belief systems- self love, belief in myself, clarity of thoughts etc. Now I am not obsessed with anything or anyone. My level of patience has increased so much that I don't react to situations unnecessarily. My life's vision has expanded that I can now see things in much more clarity which was not the case before. It has made my life easier and that's for sure!

I'm blessed truly to learn ThetaHealing from Ruthara Mam. She has been very kind & considerate to entertain my short notice and provide me the world of information and healing. My life is surely changed for good. It addressed the core of the issues and I'll never have to look back at them. The healing and teachings have given me hope to move ahead in my life and I really owe my life to her!! Thanks to Ma'am for guiding me through this modality. 


Shabeer Mohammed Khader

Senior Manager Presales, First Source, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

It is hard to express in words when my heart feels overwhelmed with gratitude, light and happiness to have found a guide, confidante, well-wisher for the development of my higher being.  

G Ruthara Ma'am is indeed a wonderful person and has made a remarkable difference in my life. I feel so much lighter, have a sense of relief, newfound happiness and hope after years of struggle.


God bless you Ma'am. Wishing you a long, happy, prosperous and luminous life surrounded by your loved ones as you guide us along the path of self-actualization, spiritual development and allow us to work with you closely and become Master Healers


Neela Pradeep

(Manager HR, First Source, Chennai

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Yes! Yes! Yes! and this is it!. This is not just a workshop for me. This has now become my destiny. I am sure that this subject of high octane, highly intensified spirituality and healing could not have been taught by anyone else but through a messenger of God. G Ruthara ma'am, you are something else! Not ordinary... but extra-ordinary. I have come across many trainers but never knew I can get attached to someone like a baby looking out for her mother in just 4 days!

God has been really kind to me and has shown me the right path which is Theta Healing. It would not have happened without you!


I am looking forward to my newly written future with hope, confidence, love and extreme passion.


Ram Shankar

Engineer, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The Theta Healing program enabled me to transcend erroneous beliefs, rewire myself and open all channels to access limitless abundance in various aspects of life. It was amazing to see how a collection of mistaken beliefs crumble like a pack of cards when some of the key limiting beliefs are challeged and shattered.

This work is done at the theta level of brain vibrational fequency and is hence unique and successful in delivering lasting results, compared to other self-development or alternative healing techniques. A true masterpiece by G Ruthara, who enabled my complete transformation through a journey of inner re-engineering and self-discovery.



Career Coach / Life Coach, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced, Manifesting and Abundance, Dig Deeper, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight)

Thetahealing level 1 was a life-changing program that transformed me completely and brought lots of light into my life. Little did I realize that it was just the tip of an ice berg. Advanced DNA and abundance level took it to the ultimate level of healings possible in this lifetime. I was able to connect the dots for some recurring patterns in my life at all 4 levels and released it.

Lots of releases, healings and downloads all because of the grace and compassion of our very own Ma'am, the divine angel. All those powerful meditations gave more clarity and showed us, all future possibilities of the highest and best for us. Truly blessed to be learning under Ma'am of such high stature and divinity


The two-day Theta Healing Dig Deeper programme conducted by Ruthara Ma'am was awesome. The programme enables participants to master the digging technique which enables one to identify limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering beliefs. While this programme would of course directly benefit the participants whose lives would be transformed as a result of releasing their limiting beliefs and re-programming their mind, it would also benefit the family members and friends of the participants who wish to free themselves of their limiting beliefs. 


The theoretical inputs given in the class were accompanied by several hands-on practical exercises aimed at ensuring that everyone present effectively learnt the techniques of digging and giving positive downloads. Ruthara Ma'am's individual attention to each of the participants, her intuitive guidance, and eye for detail ensured that each of us got the maximum out of the class. Gratitude to her and thanks to each of my co-participants for their enthusiastic involvement in the entire process and their positive energies which contributed to making the program so good


Pratap C Rajan

Country Head, Pantheon Inc ,Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I was carrying tons of baggage from the past, not to mention numerous civil lawsuits seeking lost money and bitter resentment against so many people.

I attended G Ruthara Madam's ThetaHealing workshop on April 27th and 28th. It was a fascinating journey into the Creator's world and I really felt His power which I downloaded, to bounce back with joy and vigor. 
The following Monday I went to the high court and withdrew all the court cases that I had filed and was fighting for the last 5 years. Parents, Lawyers, Judges, Relatives were all shocked as they had all been advising me the same for 5 years without success. I got the message from the Creator to let go of all dead weights that were pulling me down. Within a week I have seen miracles happen. This is real and I am only getting started.

Thank you so much for taking me to the 7th plane of existence Madam. You are truly God-sent!


Maya Ramachandran

Psychological Counselor, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

It is said that the Guru appears when the student is ready. That was my 'divine timing' of meeting G Ruthara mam to learn Theta healing with her.  Level 1 was an amazing experience where I was able to release & heal a very deep-rooted trauma that I was holding onto through the process of digging. I went onto complete levels 2 & 3.  I find it so empowering that I have a tool to heal myself with the divine guidance of Creator of All That Is & to be able to heal others.

Being a psychotherapist, I constantly endeavour to cleanse myself as I help others get 'unstuck & move ahead in their life'. Theta healing provides me with potent spiritual tools that I integrate into psychotherapy. Theta healing also helps me understand & remove those beliefs that don’t serve me and replace it with more positive beliefs as guided by the Creator. Refresher alumni meetings have helped me stay in touch, clarify doubts along the way & learn newer techniques. Learning to manifest for 'the highest and the best' is a life-changing process that has brought abundance & prosperity in my life.

G Ruthara mam is an extremely loving, caring and compassionate soul with many divine gifts that she uses to bring more Light & Love into everyone that she encounters. I am truly blessed to be connected with her in this lifetime. It is my prayer that many more reach out to her to be benefited immensely.



Project Planning - DuPont, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Ruthra Mam, is a Divine blessing in the lives of those who know her. My understanding of Theta Meditation has been slow, but this teacher hand held me and ensured that I learned, practiced and embarked on the journey. The number of refresher courses, personal one to one digging demonstrations are something no one on earth will do for such a nominal course fee. Her dedication, sincerity and personal touch to her students is out of the mark. Her connection to the Creator, picking up the right pulse of the students' issues, picking the commonality in the group is astonishing. She shares her personal success stories without any limitations and hesitation to the students and motivates us for Sadhana. My understanding of certain patterns and healing of unresourceful beliefs, feels magical. She doesnt leave you there .... The daily feeling downloads posts on success stories & Alumni meetings ...ensure you are on your Spiritual journey ever. In gratitude.

Divya Bharati.jpg


Yoga Teacher, Writer, Model, Oracle & Angel Card Reader from Chennai, India
(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting and Abundance, RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight, Soul Mate, You and the Creator, You and Your Inner Circle and You and Your Significant other)

I came to do the Theta Healing Basic DNA workshop out of curiosity and a decision to learn something new. I was in a state of stagnation and frustration even though I was successful at work and making good money. I used everything from affirmations to tarot and crystal healing to help release the blockages from past, but remained unsuccessful. From the word 'go' the Theta Healing workshops have been a journey of discovery, healing and empowerment. I had mistakenly resigned to my "fate" and decided to accept loneliness, suffering and despair. Theta Healing not only healed and removed these derogatory beliefs, but also replaced them with positive, productive and empowering belief systems. Theta Healing not only eliminates doubts, but also the need for middle men, and teaches you how to communicate with the Creator directly. The miraculous healings of health, abundance and relationships that we will experience in our lives will be a direct result of these deep and intensive conversations. I went back home a changed woman, loving and trusting life and looking forward to living out my life purpose with enthusiasm and love. I can clearly divide my life into the person I was before Theta Healing and the person I am after.All the above would not have been possible if not for the love, genius and motivation from the incredible G. Ruthara. I got an insight into her razor-sharp focus and wisdom as she guided our group through powerful processes and taught us the essence of Theta Healing in a way that could be understood and imbibed easily. Her ability to distil the essence of what she knows into her teaching methods puts her in a league of her own. G. Ruthara is the walking & talking embodiment of loving motherly energy and I see it as my blessing that I walked into her workshop at the right time.I wish more and more people get to learn from this wonderful teacher.Love and gratitude always.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-08 at 1.22.17 AM.


(Teacher, Poona

Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and  Manifesting and Abundance )

I have finished the ThetaHealing foundation classes with Ruthara ma'am. These seminars have been really insightful in terms of me clearing my blocks and understanding the processes in detail.

The hesitation which I had with regards to digging was fully released. These seminars are hands-on class.  With these insights, I know, I can do the digging and heal myself and others as well. The more I dig the more I learn and unlearn the blocks.  This is all because of these courses and Ma'am, who has always given us this platform of transformation.  It’s almost a year since I started this journey with G Ruthra ma'am, starting from a Forgiveness workshop which has benefited me a lot. Each day I see a new change in me, bit by bit.  Thank you❤. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-16 at 7.43.35 PM.

Alice Joseph

BBA, Teacher

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and  Manifesting and Abundance )

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Creator of All That Is, for guiding me to Ruthara ma'am, who has been a true mentor, who has played an inspiring role in my spiritual growth. My journey started with the Basic DNA, then the Advanced DNA, and now Dig Deeper. Each and every step was filled with new challenges and imparting knowledge that opened up to an entire world of Spiritual connection with the Creator.



Painter, Poet, Healer, Counsellor, Writer from Chennai, India 

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and Manifesting and Abundance )

I am a healer and counsellor by profession. I am deeply connected to Spirit and the angelic realm and I channel that energy into my written work and paintings. There was a point of time in my life when I hit a massive roadblock which turned my life upside down. The pain of this emotional rollercoaster caused me to question everything that I held true about the Creator and this world. I went into a deep depression where all I would keep asking was "Why me? Why do I even exist?" The intensity of this trauma shook me right to the core and I found myself drifting away in pieces from my own true self. Every issue that came up after this was magnified more intensely. This was my life until I found ThetaHealing. 

After completing three levels, I feel complete and whole. I have been able to shake off the stress that I accumulated through the traumatic episodes of my life right from childhood. There is no more looking back because I know I don’t need to suffer any more in order to grow spiritually. I cannot help but marvel at the way all the broken parts of me have come together so gently. I have been re-formed and reshaped into a beautiful being of love and light by the miracle of Theta Healing. I am constantly connected to the Creator and I live in gratitude.

There are truly no words with which I can thank Ruthara ma'am. She is kind, loving, accepting and courageous. She is like a shining star, a wonderful human being and a teacher beyond parallel. The world is blessed to have a mentor like this walking in our midst. Bow to you in gratitude and love. ♥Thank you, mam!

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-11 at 6.56.28 PM.

J. S. Harini

M.Sc., Psy, Project Manager  Achariya Group of Institution Pondicherry, India. 

(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and  Manifesting and Abundance )

I completed my foundation levels in ThetaHealing. After doing ThetaHealing with G Ruthara Mam, miracles were not just a word in the dictionary but an everyday experience in my life. My life has transformed so much with ThetaHealing and Ruthara Mam. Theta healing has integrated a lot of positive virtues and empowered me so much in shifting my consciousness by pulling out all my limiting believes and it was a great pleasure and joy to witness the manifestation happening:)

I love G Ruthara Mam for her genuine unconditional love towards people's well-being. She is a great inspiration. I admire her natural ability to be very intuitive and clairvoyant.   Loads of love and respect for her service to mankind. You are a true master, Mam!!!

My lifetime deepest gratitude to The Creator of All That Is and G Ruthara Mam for showing me new possibilities in my life.



MA, B.Ed, Teacher, Bangalore

I can honestly say that I think some magic happened on This week end.. I am completely in love with theta healing and feel like a new person.I am so thankful and full of gratitude that you and theta healing have been brought into my life. There really aren't words to describe this process and some things cannot be given a real price..

Theta has been a wonderful experience.. A gift that is unexplainable.. G Ruthara mam brings happiness and clarity and without judgement is able to bring forth the strength that we all have within. After a session with mam I had never felt such happiness and strength..

The transformation within me was quite unbelievable, not only did I feel more alive and positive about the future but I looked so much lighter and happier with the experience.

Thank you mam for the superb training in Theta Healing! The course was fantastic, You are a very gifted teacher.



Dr. K.B.J. Govindhasamy

M.D. Acupuncture, Ph.D. in Reiki and Acupuncture, Brain Power Consultant, Vaastu Specialist,  Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I am an alternative healer who has been practising Reiki and Brain Power for many years. I also come from a lineage of traditional Siddha healers. I coach school and college students on how to use study and score better marks with the Brain Power system. One would think that when I developed a kidney stone I would be able to apply what I know on myself and heal the ailment. However I could not. This was until I met G. Ruthara ma'am and learned Theta Healing from her.

Following her guidance on how to heal myself using Theta, the 7*3.3*3mm kidney stone dissolved and completely disappeared without ANY medical intevention. X-rays and abdominal scans however showed that everything was clear. I could feel the flow of energy in my body and many of my fears and limiting blocks were released.

I thank G. Ruthara ma'am for the change she has brought into my life and my way of thinking. I want to thank her for her kindness, her patience and her non-judgemental motherly guidance.


Biju Varghese

Crystal Healer, Su Chok Healing, Acupressure, NLP Master Practitioner, Pranic Healer, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapy, M.Sc. Psychology, M.Sc. Psychotherapy, M.D. Alternative Healing, Registered Nurse, Cochin

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I have studied many healing courses. I help treat people professionally using various healing modalities like NLP, Pranic Healing and Reiki.

I used to suffer from many phobias, especially from the fear of heights and using elevators. Even professionally I was facing loss and unable to attract clients and abundance. With other healing modalities I faced only temporary relief; the core issue was never released.

When I heard about Theta Healing, I was really interested in learning this wonderful modality. Theta Healing has changed me for the better and there is no looking back.

I will now live with courage. I will now live with stability. I will now live knowing that I am loved, safe and supported by the Creator. I have left the memories and the stagnant energy of anxiety and scarcity behind. I can see now that my life purpose and my work will bring me abundance. I am healed.

I know it is my blessing that I met G. Ruthara ma'am and got to learn Theta Healing from her. Her deep involvement and keen interest in making sure that I learn, understand and become free motivated me to the highest extent. She is an incredible teacher who has helped me release the pains and frustrations of the past and brought me back into wholeness. Ruthara ma'am is like a wise mother, so approachable, so kind, so soft and so loving. Now I know I can do the same for others successfully by integrating my knowledge of Theta Healing into my work. I am blessed. Thank you very much


Nabamita Roy

MBA (HR & Mkt) Montreal, Canada

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance

Learning Theta healing has opened my eyes to the deep connection I share with life around me, be it people, plants, animals, the Earth and importantly, to my own self.

I have become more sensitive to life and I know I am evolving at a rapid rate towards becoming a healer. Theta has taught me how to truly be alive in the moment and express my being fully. I am learning to release my limitations and flourish.

I am using Theta healing to heal myself and my loved ones. I aim to connect with more and more Theta healers and learn as much as possible on how I can help everyone. I want to make this world a happier place.

In Ruthara ma'am I have found a true mentor, the kind that the heart yearns for but words cannot express. She is a compassionate teacher, one who teaches lovingly but is strict when needed - exactly what a wonderful mother should be. She is a trailblazer, someone who has taken the road less travelled and is passionate about helping others walk their path without wasting their own energy and time. Thank you so much.



Founder & Relationship Coach, Human Connect Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Theta Healing helped me to think out of the box and speed up the results I expect in my life. My whole outlook of what was impossible before Theta is possible now. I highly recommend this programme not just as self help for one self but to help family and friends too. Learning from Ruthara Ma'am is not just a class room, but a memorable setting which is customised to each individual.

Thank u Guru for the wonderful experience!


Neha S

Reiki Grandmaster, Sound Therapist, Bangalore
(Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting Abundance, Soul Mate and You and Your Inner circle)

I can’t begin to thank my God and gurus enough to have guided me to ThetaHealing. G Ruthara ma’am has been a phenomenal teacher taking me through foundation courses and a couple of relationship courses. I was already practicing other modalities and helping others to heal but Theta healing has completely transformed me. I never ever knew how much I had to heal myself. During the learning and practice of ThetaHealing, I realized the true meaning of healing self which I did not know even though I had been practicing other healing modalities for over a decade. 

Indeed, You and Your Inner Circle was an amazing workshop! I released old patterns and blocks. Lots of healing took place during the workshop. This workshop gives more understanding of the people around me, why they are the way they are, how to attract the right kind of people I want and accept people for who they are. I truly thank G Ruthara mam for all her guidance and patience in teaching us this life-transforming technique. Gratitude to you mam!


Usha Reddy

Teacher/Trainer, Pranic Healer, Counselor, Bangalore

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing was an amazing experience! G Ruthara mam took us down the memory lane and it was so easy to release all the blocks and beliefs which no longer serve us. I also had an understanding of all the planes of existence.

I am very happy to have attended the workshop in Bangalore. Thanks to ThetaHealing founder, Vianna Stibal.

I have undergone 3 foundation classes of ThetaHealing and it was a breakthrough. Lots of blocks were realised and released. Many of my belief systems were changed. Thoughts and emotions which were not serving me anymore were released. Ruthara ma'am guided us through the meditations very nicely.

Enjoyed the belief work. Downloads were very refreshing and now I am looking forward to manifesting my wishes. Learning ThetaHealing is the best decision I made in 2015. I'm very happy!



Mechanical Engineering, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia

(Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Abundance and Manifesting)

I had the honor of attending ThetaHealing® Foundational courses from G Ruthara mam and forever I am changed for the better. It's amazing how clearing one's own issues (holistically, on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual) with greater clarity.

It made me realize that inner work is very important in one’s life. I do my meditation regularly and have seen vast differences in my life. I have learnt how to manifest the life that I desire, a career that I desire, and clear my mind which was blocked with all sorts of emotions and problems. 


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you helped me with - words are simply not enough to describe just how thankful I am to you🙏


Hema Elango

Primary School Teacher, Singapore

Thank you Madam Ruthara for the vibrant and experienced coaching of Theta Healing.

I had been searching for Theta Healers in India for quite some time, when I came to know of Ruthara mam. I followed my instincts and came all the way from Singapore to Chennai, India to learn Theta Healing from her. Now I feel it is the Creator and my angels who helped me find this perfect gem! I had a wonderful chance to open my unlocked doors and remove all the unnecessary burdens. It's awesome & unbelievable!

Really I enjoyed all the experiences and discussions around us and those shared by Ruthara Mam and I learnt a lot about Theta healing. It was the biggest eye opener for me to manifest abundance.

Lots of Love & Light.




Teacher & Healer, Chennai
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance and Dig Deeper)

Theta is a simple yet powerful technique that helps heal and better each and every aspect of life, not merely physical health.

With Theta healing I could heal myself of blocks that were limiting my potential and my self-expression. The downloads were very helpful and the meditations gave me a fresh look at my problems.

Ruthara mam is a wonderful, very generous and caring person who practices and teaches Theta Healing with passion and compassion. Anyone who attends her Theta Healing workshop can be sure that his or her life will be richer in every way.



Lavanya Krishnan

​Manager, Process Excellence, Cognizant Technologies, Chennai
(Basic, Advanced, Manifesting and Abundance and Dig Deeper)

The ThetaHealing Basic and Advanced workshop has been a life changing transformation. This has been one of the easiest methods to help me in my path of ascension. This workshop has been an eye opener for me as a lot of intricate answers that I have been looking for were revealed to me. This workshop enables us to touch and heal all the aspects of human life be it health, prosperity, karma, genetic programming and the belief system. This modality is the right answer to each and everyone who is looking for a beautiful life. 

Theta Healing has been an orbit changing intervention for me. I mainly got attracted to it because of the changes it can do at a DNA level. However the ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance and Dig Deeper classes was more exciting than the previous. Ruthara mam is like a divine mother to me ... her way of teaching and style made me in awe of her right from the minute I entered... The class ambience was more than just perfect to accentuate my learnings. Having learnt the foundation levels of ThetaHealing, I am very confident to face any problem in my life and change my future. This has been my best step to go forward in my spiritual journey and I am so pleased that I have chosen the correct path and more importantly the best teacher. Thank you, ma'am, for bringing this beautiful teaching to Chennai... Love, Light & Peace


Meghna Tiwatia

MSC Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. Nutrition Manager, Fitpage, Mumbai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I took the opportunity to learn ThetaHealing foundation levels from mam when she was in Dubai in March, 2014. Imagine being able to alter your DNA with the power of your mind!! My experience of learning ThetaHealing with Ruthara ma'am was simply amazing and life changing.

There are so many aspects that one can use this science for in their daily life. This is one of the most fascinating modalities I have learnt so far. It has guided me in attaining better health, and making me emotionally stronger. I believe ThetaHealing is a MUST for everyone!!


Urmila Krishnagiri Thooppal

Dubai, UAE

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing is a life changing experience. I have done three levels of ThetaHealing foundation with Mrs. G. Ruthara. It is an excellent workshop for people who wish to reach great heights. It gives almost instant results that are amazing. It creates miracles in life. I feel ThetaHealing is the best gift I have given to myself thus far. I am grateful to the Universe/Creator for bestowing this knowledge upon me. I am so very grateful to Mrs. G Ruthara for showing me how to always connect with the Source and for bringing ThetaHealing into my life. I am eagerly looking forward to learning more from her.

Totally a great experience of understanding and getting the healing on the deepest level.


Balaram Raja

B.E. Mech, Agriculturist, Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The exquisite ThetaHealing foundation classes with G Ruthara mam has opened new levels of understanding, bringing into light misconceived, out dated and self-sabotaging beliefs in a safe and elegant way. It was purely God’s intervention that I had the blessing of learning ThetaHealing at the correct time in my life. I am happy having released all my doubts and psychic attacks. I am an advanced Pranic healing practitioner. I feel very comfortable that I am able to get the results of the meditations and healings instantly and without having any doubts for even a fraction of a second. Without doubting my imagination I was able to do visualize and manifest what I need in my life and which is best for me before the monkey mind jumps from this feeling to the clear opposite feeling of doubting, which often and always shatters all the positive imagination and visualization what we have done.

The meditation process is very simple but very effective. My awareness regarding patterns in my life became clear and on this fulfilling experience, worked them out easily and gracefully, with Love and Peace and Joy! Throughout, we were guided towards reconnecting and uniting positive parts of ourselves. G Ruthara Mam has the uncommon knack of reaching into each person's deepest blocks, allowing the awareness to be explored, released and subsequently replaced at a safely healing pace.

I can practice the Theta meditation and healing on me and my agriculture works very smoothly. I am confident about my future now and will show my fantastic abundance results in the coming years. I am proud to be a ThetaHealing practitioner now. Thanks to the "Creator of All That Is" who had showed and brought me into this extraordinary healing family through and by all the great helping lovable souls.


V. A. Gayathri

Actress / CEO, "Kidzee", Saligramam, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I want to thank you immensely, mam, for introducing me to the world of ThetaHealing. I have been able to open up to the peaceful, full and silent levels that encourage deep awareness. It is from these places that the blocks soften and cellular knowledge emerges. In the Advanced DNA class, I have felt much calmer as a result of less pain and anxiety. I have noticed a much deeper sense of connection with myself and others. Manifesting and Abundance was a breath of fresh air. The blocks that prevented me from experiencing my abundance surfaced, and I learnt how to manifest my dreams.

G Ruthara is truly an empathic and intuitive being. She encourages one to stay in the moment, trust the process and connect to the Creator. As a result, I am able to trust what I need to do in the moment.

ThetaHealing has supported me in listening and responding to life instead of reacting to challenging situations, I feel "fuller" and much more expansive. It's almost like seeing my life from the inside out.

Teacher G Ruthara, has a unique gift which makes the ThetaHealing modality both relevant and inspiring. I am blessed to know her and be with her in the Theta realm.

Mam, thank you from the bottom and top of my heart. It’s people like you that ignites passion and love of life. My vision is growing and I have a deeper respect for this journey. Thank you so much for a beautiful journey. You are such a compassionate healer and gifted soul. I am honoured to know you!


B K Prasad

BE (Mechanical), NIE Mysore
Industrial hydraulics agency, Bangalore

Theta Healing is a fabulous subject. The process of meditation and getting connected to the Creator was a unique experience. Looking forward to participating in the advanced courses.

Learning Theta Healing with G Ruthara was like a door opening into the extraordinary subject of healing, which has led to some major breakthroughs in healing my body, as well as healing old mental and emotional wounds. I have learned how to get rid of negative patterns and I have replaced them with positive ones. Theta healing has been essential for my healing and self-discovery. G Ruthara truly comes from the heart, and she is very effective at what she does. God bless you.


Saiprasad S

Sr. Process Executive, Cognizant, Chennai

What a day it has been... One of the best days of my life in recent years. ThetaHealing is magnificient, very powerful and very intense.

It brings out the best in you ... I can personally vouch for this. About Ruthara mam - words cannot describe her dedication and commitment to ensure that information is downloaded correctly to the participants. I am falling short of words. This program is the best thing that happened to me. Privileged to be guided by Ruthara mam. 

God bless her with a long life to guide all of us in the right direction... Lots of love,


G. Chandra

Motivational Speaker / Entrepreneur, Pondicherry

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

By the grace of the Creator, I fortunately completed three levels of ThetaHealing foundational classes guided by Ruthara mam who is an embodiment of wisdom....

After Theta healing, there is a tremendous change in my attitude towards life and how I experience it. I am living a confident yet grounded life by communicating with the the Cretator of All That Is. There is an overall positive change in my career and my knowingness.

Whoever wants to live their dreams should do a ThetaHealing session with Ruthara mam for their quickest manifestation ... With lots of gratitude, I thank mam for the prosperity consciousness she has sown in me... Thank you.


Sanjuktha Balasubramanian

Software engineer, AM-QA Madurai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

I came all the way from Madurai to Chennai in search of happiness. Theta healing is a miracle and a wonder that has happened to me. I felt I deserved this healing and I released all the stress which I had accumulated for years together in one single session. Ruthara ma'am is simply the newer version of the Creator who healed me, made me confident and happy. It's awesome! It's awesome! It's awesome!

I was searching for happiness and now I am in the heights of happiness! Theta is a combination of both science and spirituality. I would say whoever reads this should experience the same happiness by meeting Ruthara ma'am.

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA

Magic! Magic! Magic! - Beautiful transformation to lead a meaningful and blissful life. Lots of clarity showered. Good things happen in a positive way in the journey of Theta. Ruthara ma'am is an awesome person and her empathy towards me is overwhelming. My heartfelt thanks to her.

ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance


More clarity, more mental strength, fears have been destroyed and more options have been revealed. Powerful feelings and downloads instilled. 

Ruthara ma'am is simply amazing. She does miracles and magic all through the process. Effective and efficient programming done. My life has simply transformed to a different level.


Jayashree Seth

Homemaker, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced DNA

I came to know of ThetaHealing through my friend. On the first day we did various forms of healings and meditations but the digging process hit the nail on the head. I was able to release so many negative feelings residing in me. I thank you, G Ruthara, for helping me.

Theta seems to have opened up a wonderful way of healing and am enjoying my life. I am sure that I shall have a wonderful time practicing it.

ThetaHealing® Manifesting & Abundance
I received a lot of clarity with regard to issues with money and issues relating to abundance which were deeply programmed in my mind from childhood. I now feel those blocks have been released and I can now enjoy my God-given prosperity to the fullest. Thank you so much!




Air India,, Chennai

The ThetaHealing workshop was the most enlightening experience for me. I guess words are insufficient to express what a profound impact it has had on me and my life. Not just answers or solutions did I receive, but the concept of life and spirituality; who we actually are and why we have certain behavioral traits. G Ruthara mam’s personalized attention, the method of her teaching and her energetic personality are such a bonus to the participants, which is truly amazing.

I feel I am blessed that I had this opportunity to meet her which was destined, she has been like a guide to me who I can faithfully rely on. God Bless you, Ruthara mam, for your dedication and sincerity.




M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil,,Chennai.

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I was curious about ThetaHealing®, but at the same time, heavily resistant to it and I regret for not doing the workshop earlier. I'm grateful for the opportunity to witness the profound changes in my consciousness and the consciousness of others that was taking place instantaneously.

What an amazing experience! I have become self-assured and healthier in every way - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have experienced personally enormous healing after this class. I know it is so beneficial for me and I am excited to say that I have the power to heal myself and help others to heal themselves with the Creator's help.

Belief systems which I never knew were in my life came forth, and rang true. And my healings were tremendously powerful. I truly feel as if missing parts of myself are now integrating back to me and I am free to really start living my most authentic life and continue with my healing process. Many thanks and love to G Ruthara ma'am for facilitating this process.




Priyanka Predeep

MSC in Resources Management

(Basic DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting & Abundance, Rhythm and You and the Creator)

It was indeed my pleasure to learn Theta healing Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting & Abundance, a Rhythm and You and the creator from our very own G Ruthara Ma'am.....she has always taught us lessons more like a mother, giving every little detail to her daughter who is learning cooking for the first time so that she knows what exactly to do, and does not feel overwhelmed with all the tools present in front of her.

The foundation classes have helped me release so many blocks that I seem to have accumulated unconsciously.  I have also learnt tools that I could use in my daily life to heal myself and others.

You and the Creator seminar was a beautiful experience!  This seminar helped me to deepen my connection with the Creator and also receive messages from Him.  I understood the depth and intricacy of the subject, made easy by G Ruthara mam. My human self always had a doubt discerning the Creator’s message and my own manifestations but now I am sure to discern the difference between them.  Also, I learnt to discern the messages from Creator's 7th plane and other planes of existence. I feel truly blessed to be evolved so very well spiritually after this class.
I want to thank you, G Ruthara mam, for the inspiration, guidance and knowledge you have given me in the past few years.

You kept my wheels turning, that's for sure! Thank you for being my guide, Ma'am, in every situation. More power to you! Love and hugs 💕


Kamalesh Kumar Seth

MD, Tejas Foundation Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
(Basic & Advanced)

Very good workshop. Have got a lot of insight into my life. Various issues, which I now see in a new light have been resolved through the Theta healing process. Using the manifesting meditation, I hope to achieve a better, healthier and prosperous life.


K. R. Lakshmi

Actress, Chennai.

I am now very clear and have gained a lot of clarity and understanding out of this wonderful healing programme. I wish the guru Ruthara Ma'am good luck and would like to be associated with Theta Healing forever.


Bindu Ramanathan

Vibgyor High, Bangalore Teacher / Co-ordinator

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I am blessed to have done the Theta Healing level I & II course through Ruthara Ma'am. It has been two years since I have been yearning to learn this science from her and with her kind support I have become a Theta practitioner. It is a wonderful science and gives a complete insight of understanding the Creator of All That Is. It has been an incredible experience to be connected to the Creator.

This modality took me through a journey revealing my Belief Systems that was changed in order to experience a total wellbeing i.e in the physical, emotional as well as spiritual levels. Ma'am Ruthara has been in the field of healing and teaching different healing techniques since many years. The experience of learning this science from her is unique as it is with love, compassion and care for her learners.


Maya Thangavelu

Architect, M/s Maya & Manoj, Chennai
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

My experience with G Ruthara while learning the Basic DNA course of ThetaHealing was very inspiring and motivational. Her personalized method of teaching was fantastic and very helpful in understanding the powerful healing technique.  The Advanced DNA class equipped me with some amazing processes and a good understanding of the seven Planes of Existence.


The manifesting and abundance class removed all blocks to receiving my abundance from the Universe. It serves as a guide to manifest my dreams and make them all possible.

These classes has opened up my psychic abilities. I trust my intuition better. I am already looking forward to do other classes with Ruthara. To all those who are waiting and looking for a teacher to learn about spirituality and healing, I will highly recommend G Ruthara.  She is super energetic, open, understanding, kind, and a compassionate person. Her understanding and command over the subject is phenomenal. She is a very lovely and warm person, inside out. Immense Gratitude to her. Thank you, G Ruthara!


Vidya Yedavalli.jpg

Vidya Yedavalli

Sr. Manager – Accounts & Finance, Shoppers Stop Ltd, Bangalore

Completed ThetaHealing Practitioners course with G Ruthara. It is amazing experience to access the Creator of All That Is & heal anything instantly. G Ruthara is blessed by many masters with high psychic abilities. Her passion for her work & commitment is highly commendable. A lovely person to be with. Love you, G Ruthara.


Anita Khanna

Housewife, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

If the answer has a negative response cancel it and go higher.( Eg for negative response Adithya case may be he did something)  

ThetaHealing has been a wonderful experience of my life. Not only did I meet a warm person in G Ruthara mam for guidance, I also opened up the gates of my life which I myself had shut...

I have clear vision now and I aim to move ahead. I compliment and thank my stars for bringing me to the right place at the right time. I can only think of giving hugs to G Ruthara for clearing up my vision and say "God Bless".


Raghuraman K P

Manager, Oracle India, Bangalore,
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I have completed ThetaHealing Basic, Advanced and Manifestation & Abundance seminars, which in itself is my thumbs up for Madam G Ruthara's teaching.

Theta Healing has given instant changes in career and brought in long-term happiness, which had eluded for many years.

The opportunity to do this workshop has come at a crucial time / problematic phase in my life. Thanks to Madam G Ruthara, my hopes have been re-kindled and I now have the confidence and zeal to excel in life.


Ritu Chaudhry

Homemaker, Chennai

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The ThetaHealing® Basic DNA workshop in Chennai (Jan 2013) conducted by you has been one of the best healing modalities that I have learnt. It has helped me go deeper and discover the source of my own nagging health issues.

I absolutely love G Ruthara mam and the work that she brings to humanity. She is truly a blessing! She and her classes have changed my life in so many beautiful ways and even helped me on my own healing journey. 

I just want to thank you, mam, for the inspiration, guidance and knowledge you have given me. I can never thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with us. I am very grateful to you for being a compassionate teacher!

Kalpana1 (1).jpg

Kalpana Sunil Tiwatia

HR Manager, Brightpoint Middle East, Dubai, UAE.
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing is something amazing, which no words can describe. I have experienced such miracles through ThetaHealing and G Ruthara mam.  Through ThetaHealing, I have been able to keep my job, fund my children’s higher education and lead a happy life. I have learnt to heal my blocks to abundance, health and spiritual growth.  Also, my relationships and career improved for my highest and best. I had always doubted my manifesting skills but after ThetaHealing I cannot explain in words how things work, instantaneously!

I urge all of you who are hesitating to learn this science, to please use this golden opportunity, and learn it from G Ruthara Mam. She has vast experience in healing and teaching.  Not only that, her intuitive powers help students to heal and learn faster.  I am amazed by her quick mind, compassion and kindness but at the same time her no-nonsense attitude.  Thank you, Guruji! You have shown me the true light.



Head Operations, Ascend Software Solutions, Chennai

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

ThetaHealing Basic DNA was a life-changing program that transformed me completely and brought lots of light into my life. Little did I realize that it was just the tip of the iceberg. Advanced DNA and Manifestation & Abundance courses took it to the ultimate level of healings possible. I was able to connect the dots for some recurring patterns in my life.  

I am re-born and feeling rejuvenated, blessed and happy to get G Ruthara ma'am as a teacher and guru. I received lots of releases, healings and downloads because of the grace and compassion of our very own ma'am, the divine angel. All those powerful processes gave more clarity and showed us all future possibilities of the highest and best for us. Truly blessed to be learning under Ma'am of such high stature and divinity. My dear don't know what you guys are missing. Don’t wait any longer. Take the ThetaHealing Course! Ever grateful to you, mam!

shubhangiv1 (1).jpg

Shubhangi Viswanathan

Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The ThetaHealing Basic DNA course is amazing. I feel blessed to be G Ruthara mam’s student. I experienced the wonderful feeling of the Creator of All That Is. I found it so overwhelming. It's such a pleasure to witness the Creator's energy while healing, reading, changing belief patterns, giving and getting unconditional love and I can go on and on and on...

Ma'am, I personally thank you for fixing my DNA which is the highest and best. I am now aware of my powers of manifesting. Anything is possible now.  The theoretical inputs given in the class were accompanied by several hands-on practical processes aimed at ensuring that everyone present effectively learnt the techniques of digging and giving positive downloads. G Ruthara Ma'am's individual attention to each of the participants, her intuitive guidance, and eye for detail ensured that each of us got the maximum out of the class. Gratitude to her and thanks to each of my co-participants for their enthusiastic involvement in the entire process and their positive energies which contributed to making the program so good.

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Meena Pillai

Morison Menon, Dubai, UAE

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

I actually loved ThetaHealing seminars. My manifestations were powerfully felt and experienced. For anyone who is looking for manifestation class, I recommend they take the Manifesting & Abundance Theta Healing Seminar with G Ruthara Mam. She is such an effective and thorough teacher; and her teaching is clear and concise.

This seminar is life changing and it felt REAL. I am so excited about my new life. The techniques were easy to follow. In the Advanced DNA seminar, resentments and regrets were moved out of my life. Everything taught was powerful and as a result I am empowered to use these processes and techniques not only for myself but also for my family.



Dubai, UAE

I experienced ThetaHealing’s magical processes which eradicated the accumulated negative imprints since childhood in my mind, within minutes. The bliss at the 7th plane is unfathomable. Digging process is great, which removed all the blocks. I am so lucky to be bestowed this course by our adoring teacher, G Rutharaji, who is my beloved Guru since 1999. Without rethinking I can say that ThetaHealing is one of the best courses given to us by G Ruthraji. Thanks and best regards!


Sujatha Sharma

Theta Practitioner, UAE

(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The foundation courses, especially Advanced DNA and Manifesting & Abundance seminars, bring up stuff from the subconscious, which is great! It showed me a lot about myself so I could make the changes needed in order for me to move forward. It clearly showed me the things that were holding me back.


Before I met G Ruthara mam, my life was chaotic. There was uncertainty even to receive my paycheck every month.  When I attended Level 1 Basic DNA seminar, I could clear the beliefs that no longer served me and replace them with new beliefs with the feelings of hope, self-worth and self-love.  Life changed! I feel as though I have been transformed from the inside out, as I had cleared a lot of beliefs that I didn’t even know existed. This brought about a shift not only in my mental make-up but also in my reality. My relationship with money improved; with friends and family, I could draw boundaries so that I maintain my space and have time and energy for myself.  It all started to move in the right direction.


Now I feel fantastic, lighter, cleansed and ready to finally have all my wants and needs met. Mam has caring yet strong energy which has really worked for me. She is very comforting and helpful, just like a mother.  I owe it all to mam!


Manoj Veervani

Key Account Manager, Emsons Trading, Dubai, UAE.
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

Working with G Ruthara mam has created a real shift in my awareness. Through my learning of the Basic, Advanced and Manifestation & Abundance seminars with mam, I became aware of the negative chatter that goes on in my head. I will remember this each time I think, “I cannot afford this.”

In addition to this, I am deeply moved by the time and energy mam gave to us in the digging process. I felt she was completely in tune with my thinking and knew exactly the key beliefs that needs clearing. It made me realize what unresolved issues I have and need to work on. I have greater clarity about my vision for a successful career. I know what small steps to take to move closer to making it a reality.

Finally, I am struck with how practical mam is as well as deeply spiritual. Our conversations have lifted me, made me feel buoyant and gave me laughter. She is a highly gifted woman.

G Ruthara mam had helped me immensely in tackling my life issues, both in personal life and career. The Manifestation and Abundance seminar especially, had worked wonders on me. One following week after doing the seminar, I received a huge amount, which was unexpected. I realized that I have numerous blessings, financial and otherwise, to be grateful for.

I had been wishing it to happen since long, but it was only made possible after I attended her seminars. How can it get any better than this?! Thank you, Ruthara mam!! Wish you the best!



Auditor, AG's Office Bangalore
(Basic, Advanced & Manifesting and Abundance)

The Workshop was awesome and there was so much learning and healing. It was an eye opener for me and I began to ponder over the question: What are my weak issues? Is it my health, my family matters or seeking financial abundance? I felt there is nothing wrong in asking, if it manifests it is for my best.

Through ThetaHealing the left part of my body has become more flexible, and I am able to lift more weight which I was not able to do earlier.

Thanks to G Ruthara mam for giving the necessary knowledge and enlightenment to grow in the path of spirituality.

The class was very powerful, informative. It helped me overcome the limiting beliefs which I was carrying in terms of happiness, lack of direction in life and abundance.

The downloads were very powerful . Understanding the belief system clears the blocks and gives meaning to the subject of ThetaHealing. The digging helps to overcome the fears which was blocking my mind. The healing uplifts the mind, body and soul. Totally a great programme! My thanks to ma'am.


Ravi Kumar

CEO, EDC Creative Technology Solutions, Bangalore

It was indeed a very profound experience for me. I was quite amazed with some of my own potentials. I look forward to chart a new path of knowledge of my own powers and the infinite possibilities. It's only circumstances that gets one to self-introspect life and living. More the inner conflicts, more the damage created. Therefore, the faster one realises the need for a spiritual guide the better. My calling was today and thanks to my sister - Bindu - and my best-half - Sindhu - to have finally managed to get me introduced to Madam Ruthara. Thank you Ms. Ruthara!


Divya Bharathi

Btech IT / Filmstar, Chennai

I would like to share with you a beautiful thing which completely changed my life in a better way! Yes, One hello can change a day. One hug can change a life. One hope can change a destiny. That is what this beautiful woman G Ruthara does.

What is Thetahealing? It's a process where our soul and body connects to receive a positive energy!!! At first, when my friend told me about Thetahealing I wondered how can a lady remove all 24 years of regrets, sadness ,anger... But then once I had my first digging session where she herself spent one hour with me there I got healed of all my regrets, anger completely!!! Now I can say my heart is full of love and happiness..There s nothing that I can be worried of....Yes I'm the kind of person where I always search for a reason to be worried! But now even though I try to find a reason I am not able to think any of any..I swear!!!! So this is how Thetahealing changed my life..I saw the miracles and I'm going to see the miracles for sure! When this has given me a whole new perspective about life... why not yours??? It has nothing to do with spirituality. Very happy with the two day weekend program. Highly recommended. Be happy....Be positive!!! My friend showed me the right place to get healed...




Hypnotherapist, Martial arts & Chi-Gong expert, Bangalore

I was searching for a Guru to learn ThetaHealing. Somehow I was unable to do the course even when I was in Mumbai and Delhi where I met many teachers in this field.

But when I met G Ruthara mam, I felt I was destined to be here. She is so spiritual in her teachings. From the very first meditation I started feeling energetic. I felt very safe and the positive vibrations here made me more relaxed and very happy.

I am hoping to do the advanced levels also and I am confident of helping people in need of healing. The Basic DNA Theta course has made me very confident. Thanks to the Creator of All That Is who guided me to G Ruthara mam


Alok Shukla

Company Secretary,, Suzlon Energy Ltd., Raipur (Chhattisgarh)

ThetaHealing made me understand that things in life are beyond equations and logical derivations that we study as a science student. Every happening in life cannot be assigned to a formula or theorem. A lot of this has connections to how we think and visualize before they manifest. After hearing about ThetaHealing, I thought why I had wasted time in learning other modalities that didn't help me at all. But then I thought, maybe the Creator wanted me to build up a base by making me undergo those techniques, before opening the ultimate doorway of ThetaHealing for me. Thank you, Ruthara Ma'am!


Mohammed Zafarulla

ISG Novasoft Technology Bangalore

It was a great honor and privilege to receive and participate in such a deep personal healing. Madam G Ruthara is such a powerful and committed healer, able to hold and transform every block presented to her by the class. This created an atmosphere of deep trust and safety, enabling everyone's deepest fears, blockages and core beliefs to come up to the surface to be healed.

I have experienced personally enormous healing after this class. Words cannot describe my gratitude for this modality of healing for the vitality of human evolution and I encourage everyone else to take the ThetaHealing opportunity through G Ruthara mam.

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