Ram Shankar

Engineer, Chennai

We just completed a wonderful Shamanic Healing introductory class over the weekend. This workshop was enlightening and empowering at the same time. Rooted in the wisdom of ancient shamanic practitioners cutting across civilisations and cultures, the propagation of the concepts and techniques by contemporary Shamnic masters such as Ruthra ma'am and her shamanic Gurus is commendable beyond words. Its closeness to Theta Healing can be discerned in the manner in which drums and rattles are used to transition the individual to the theta state from the beta world we are living in.

The subject of Shamanic healing is vast and the knowledge that is stored within is unfathomably deep. But the essence of it was demystified and delivered to us succinctly and powerfully during this workshop. It is empowering because we now have access to so many ascended masters and healing ministers in the invisible non-real worlds which we never knew about. We can think of it as a directory or phone book of beings in higher planes to turn to for solving many challenging situations in our personal and professional lives.

In one shot, the Hindu ritualistic practices of invoking the blessings of the devatas, gods and departed ancestors during the commencement of various ceremonies and celebrations including marriage was demystified through this workshop in language and idiom that we can personally understand and experience. More importantly, I feel that many problems seem insurmountable because we are seeking guidance and assistance only from the very limited visible plane of existence whereas real resolutions to our problems and issues can also come from ascended masters living in higher planes if only we know how to reach out to them.

Ruthra maam and the team have taken great pains to gain and crystalize this knowledge into bite-sized chunks after undergoing years of rigorous training and preparation with great Shamanic masters and practitioners. It is for each one of us to decide whether we want to learn advanced techniques and become full-fledged shamanic healers or if we want to learn just enough to be able to take care of our limited needs.. Whatever the goals are, it is rare to find such a program within easy reach in the city. Kudos and many thanks to maam!"



Business, Chennai

The Shamanic healing workshop was mind blowing as usual. The past life mirror exercise was the highlight. I am so excited about my power animal and I am totally obsessed with it now.

The shamanic trip is so simple or may be Mam made it so easy for us. It is just like walking and exploring and meeting people and animals and make friends. And as usual while returning from class, all signals were green :)


IT Engineer, Chennai

Once again Thank you mam for this wonderful shamanism! Magnificent to look at my past life , spirit teacher and also my power animal!

Thank you mam.


Mechanical Engineering Student, Chennai

For a person like me who came with absolutely no idea about shamanic healing ,it actually opened up life secrets that has awakened me I was already over welmed by the results of theta and angelic card reading and shamanic healing is the icing on the cake Right from knowing the soul purpose to connecting with past life it was a miraculous journey ever .

Now I understand the power of soul and that it' s energy transformations can bring about glory in life The way we found out our life purpose and all the methodologies that we followed to understand the modality was literally spoonfed by my dearest GURU Dr Ruthara mam

Just like how the early sunrise kills off the darkness she threw light on my soul to energize it with her wonderful precious energy thereby kicking off my negativities

My heartfelt gratitude to u forever


Swarna Pillai

Chartered Accountant/ Entrepreneur, Chennai

At the Shamanic Healing workshop I was taken on an Amazing "journey" into the shamanic world. I learned to connect with the 4 directions, went into a trance with the rhythmic beat of the shamanic drum and took my soul on a trip to another world.

I also met with my power animals and my spirit guides in another dimension!

Thank you mam for bringing the Shamanic journeys to India and specially to us!!

Lavanya Krishnan

Manager, Process Excellence, Chennai

The two day workshop on Level 1 of Shamanic Healing was just like a door opening up to universes and universes of knowledge.. such important rituals which people in the past were practicing and living one with nature .. which makes so much sense today even when we are so disconnected to the wonders of nature.. the power of directions, the meaning and interpretation of every small minute thing which the nature offers us is so intriguing and truly mind-boggling..

The shamanic journey was a very different, beautiful and mind-blowing experience..going into a trance to the rhythms of the drums and the rattles.. going into a journey of our own without any guidance. . Understanding the effects of directions and the connections of the directions and everything else of nature.. wow. no words can describe them except experiencing it directly.. Maam's ability to make the most difficult and arduous journey easy and simply makes our lives so much more easier to travel faster in the spiritual path where others have taken a lot of time to achieve.

I have been able to personally connect to a lot of messages which have been coming to me for so many years and this workshop had made me realise it.. Maam I think we all are really blessed to have you as a teacher .. the way you travel you juggle your family, bangalore and chennai and still do such a wonderful workshop for us ..

I think it must be a karma of many many lives that I have got a Guru like you. The entire workshop was so beautifully organized and the way she conducted the workshop shows the amount of midnight oils burnt. I would suggest that each and every one of you not to miss opportunities given to us by maam .. We are really blessed to have her as our Guru.. Thank you maam!


Raj Kamdar

Property Developer, Chennai

All Words Wouldn't Be Enough To Express The Divinity We Experienced Today In The Shamanic Healing Workshop.

Thank You So Much God And All My Angels And Guides To Lead Me To This Angel Cum Rockstar Called Ruthara Maam.

We Have Been Through Some Enlightening Journeys. Feel Completely Refreshed And Awakened From Deep Within. Also Blessed To Do The Workshop With An Amazing Group Of People And With Also Some Very Dear Friends.

Thank You All



Teacher, Chennai

Shamanic journeys were real rollercoaster ride for me. Partly exciting partly thrilling and on the whole fantabulous. Drumming and rattle sounds heightened the energy and elevated the mood and helped us greatly in journeys.

Drums were used to go to non ordinary reality easily. I was surprised to meet my power animal. It was adventurous.

No wonder mam goes in search for such healing classes to far of places.

I don't know how to thank you for patiently teaching all these days

Sudha Palani

Entrepreneur, Chennai

Shamanic healing was an amazing travel to next level in my spiritual journey. Thank you Ruthara mam!

Got great answers for my questions. Energy was amazing absolutely no thoughts disturbed throughout all meditations, so it was easy to achieve the purpose to the fullest.



P. Ramakrishna

Manager, Indian Bank, Chennai

Many thanks for showing us our inner self and unseen worlds within a short time with your keen interest and highly practical knowledge.

Even having 30years of spiritual life I never had such practical inner world experience. I really appreciate you being as a new age divine lady.

Thank you very much for being a part of my spiritual journey.

Girish Kumar

Author/ Founder & Relationship Coach, Human Connect Chennai

Thanks Guru for the Shamanic workshop. Awesome journeys and it should be experienced by everyone


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