(Levels 1, 2, 3, 4)

Kohenet Joy

New York

I had an inspiring experience. It gave me the practical knowledge of how to tap into the other dimensions. Explaining the map of the three worlds worked for me. I feel like I finally have the tools to connect to my power animal(s) and ascended master(s). The hands-on, experiential approach really worked. I felt fully engaged in the experience, and I now feel equipped to continue journeying. The dismemberment and crystal cave journeys were fantastic. I felt refreshed and revitalized afterward. I look forward to continuing to work with you. I am in awe of your knowledge and expertise. Thank you for sharing your skills with me and with the entire class.

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Diana Amezcua

North Hollywood, California

G Ruthara, I'm infinitely grateful to you for the Amazing journey you lead us on. The most Authentic Shamanic Healing I've experienced! You are truly a Woman full of Wisdom, Love and very caring soul. Till the next Journey...love Diana Amezcua. ❤🙌


Michelina D’Addario

Cleveland, Ohio

I highly recommend you experience "The Shamanic Healing” workshop by G. Ruthara, Medicine Woman. She has a wealth of wisdom accumalated from years of teaching. I learned the history of Shamanism and how it has been utilized throughout the centuries by many cultures.. I now have a much deeper connection with nature. G.Ruthara is dedicated to all the students that take this Journey with her; she ensured that everyone understood the process.   I felt warm, safe, and protected. I want to thank G. Ruthara for my fantastic experience taking this Journey with a most grateful heart. You are genuinely a Modern-day “Medicine Woman.” 



Thank you for offering this class on Shamanic Healing. You are a direct, down to earth teacher who is easy to trust. I was impressed with how you reached out to each of your students and made sure they understood the process. I hope to take more classes in the future. With so much gratitude and love.


I have been ruminating over the past few days over the experiences of the weekend. I feel my consciousness has been rinsed clean off some debris that I have been trying to dislodge for centuries. I was able to handle the change in mindset, thinking, and feeling. I can see how precious life is and how silly it is to waste time on small things. I think I am finally able to understand why you are the way you are, Ruthara ma'am. You walk the Shamanic path, and you embody the heart of the Shaman every day. You genuinely see everyone as a part of the Creator and Spirit, no matter how they behave with you. Kudos to you. I thank the very beautiful Vidya for her wisdom and guidance. Gratitude to all my fellow journey-ers and Khizer for holding that space with love and creating magic. I can't wait for the next levels!!!


Swarna Pillai

I cannot say enough about Ruthara ma'am's care in hand-holding me through the processes. She broke down the concepts into easily digestible pieces that helped me relate to my ordinary reality and daily life. G Ruthara is an amazing Medicine woman with a generous heart - I got to connect with my power animals and converse with them, all thanks to G. Ruthara's guidance. I feel like a completely new person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Meghna Reddy

I am so grateful to the Universe for sending Ruthara Ma'am into my life and so thankful to her for hosting this Online Shamanic Healing Session. Through this session, I reached an altered state of consciousness using just a drum, rattle, and guidance from Ma'am. The practices I learned are genuinely life-changing and will equip me for thriving in my daily life. The best part of everything is how ma'am shows the shaman within us to help ourselves in our healing and awakening journey.


The virtual shamanic workshop was liberating and was more powerful than I imagined possible, given the workshop's virtual nature. I can say with conviction that the workshop has transformed my life. I feel different. This transformation was only possible because of G Ruthara's care to ensure that every participant in the session benefitted and thoroughly learned the processes. I have eliminated layers of toxins and feel free. Each journey is unique, and the relationship with my power animal is profound. A mystical world says we are always protected, and within a 15 mins journey, we are reaped with prosperous energies to plan and enact to complete difficult tasks. I am looking forward to moving to the next level under the expert care of G Ruthara.


Every time G Ruthara comes up with a powerful healing workshop, I am ready to sign up! I have been learning from Ruthara ma'am for more than a decade now. The Shamanic healing workshop was all together with a different experience. I was able to journey and identify my animal, guardian, and teacher. My rich experiences were possible only because of G Ruthara's careful guidance. If you are looking for a healing retreat and a teacher to guide you through the storm, look no further - G Ruthara is that selfless person who always believes in helping people succeed in their lives. Thank you so much ma'am

Kammeliesh  (Malaysia)

Thank you so much for the life-altering course. It was a fantastic journey and has opened many doors for me. All the meditations taught last weekend had given me a new perspective on life. I was able to sleep for over 5 hours after the course, which is fantastic as I have trouble sleeping. As I communicate more to my spirit animal, I can feel their constant guidance. I have been suffering from writer block for months now where I couldn’t pin down even a sentence. Two days after the course, I was able to write an entirely new chapter. I can’t wait to continue this journey with G Ruthara, ma’am. Thank you.


Arjun (Australia)

The Introduction to the Shamanic Healing workshop - your gateway to the spiritual dimension was beautiful. I came to this workshop thinking I had no expectations, but I can now say that the workshop blew away every doubt that I harbored. It surpassed all my expectations. Connecting with my Power Animal, undergoing the dismemberment process was an intensely powerful experience. I know wherever I go, I can always rely on the power animal and the spiritual teacher. I thank you, ma'am sincerely for bringing the shamanism course online and giving your time.


I humbly thank you for taking me through this shamanic journey - it has been incredible and helped me see the 'real me.'  I have been seeing pictures and idols of owls for quite some time now. I didn't know what it meant, but I felt it was something to do with my ancestors, and that's when I stumbled upon the shamanic workshop post on Instagram. I didn't have a second thought, and I immediately registered. These past two days have been a rebirthing process for me - I am much calmer now. My connection with animals will get deeper with this healing modality, and I wholeheartedly thank you for being such a powerful master and guiding us through the entire process. Thank you for making everyone realize how important it is to see the spirit in every living being❣️.