Software Engineer, Chennai

EFT work is another milestone for every one of us. This is something unique and special. I would say it is a kind of quick remedy with profound benefits. An instant solution from any issue by tapping. Identifies the drainage points and toxins to be drained out from there instantly. Storytelling and movie techniques go to the past and erase the negative memory. I could correlate all common issues to my personal issues and get it healed. Thank you mam. Mam's process and approach towards the problems were the ultimate.



Business, Chennai

Am deeply thankful to Ruthara Ma'm for bringing to us a whole bouquet of healing techniques that we can choose from to address various issues. The EFT technique taught by her is a simple yet effective way to get rid of unwanted emotional baggage and live an abundant life. This technique can not only be used to make one's life better but can be used to enhance other people's quality of life and that of animals as well. It is a simple technique that can easily practice everyday and I am sure that practicing it regularly would make life more joyful. The class was fun and full of good energies and I felt stronger and more cheerful at the end of it


Amazon, Chennai

It was such an amazing journey and there were many takeaways in this 2-day EFT session. The techniques taught were so easy to apply instantly and feel the change. Many thanks to mam who had composed it very well. Looking forward for much more miracles to happen with the support and guidance that Mam has given.


Maya R

Occupational Trainer, Chennai

Mam did a fantastic job in releasing emotions attached to 7 core areas of Being Stuck, Freedom from Frustration, Overcoming fear of failure, Anger towards Someone, Stop Worrying, Self-esteem and Believing in Oneself. We also worked on Letting go of the past and Quitting -ve Thinking. We used the story - telling, movie and surrogate tapping techniques to release further for oneself and others.

The grand finale was Unlimited Abundance and DNA activation for money, wealth and Abundance. Personally, tapping to Believe in Oneself worked wonders on my feelings attached to a possibly life changing decision. I am much excited about what it could do to my future.

Those who have already learnt the modality, remember mam's metaphor of the onion. There could be more layers to peel!


Chartered Accountant, Chennai

My special thanks to mam for introducing tapping scripts for universal issues such as fear, frustration, anger, worry, negative thinking etc and of course the much sought after limitless abundance?? and DNA reprogramming... The group energy was awesome and with mam's intuitive guidance, healing took place for all of us individually as we tapped for others during the story and movie technique. The insight into why affirmations don't work all the time, came with tail-enders, a fun filled part of the program which brought to awareness an important aspect of our belief system.

Thank you mam for your dedication and commitment to see us thriving and growing



Healer, Chennai

Lots of gratitude to you, Mam . EFT really opened up lots of emotional issues within me. I am very happy to share I have released an issue that happened to me is the X standard. During the process, I cried and let go all my emotions... I am surprised because the issue which was cleared was unknown to me... The EFT Processes are really amazing. I felt the healing happening on my right-hand elbow..An energy shift occurred in me... The complete process itself is so amazing I am able to feel the energy shift in my body. Thank you for helping me clear my issues.


Ex-banker, Chennai

It was an enlightening experience. My suppressed emotions of two decades came out so easily... I've been using the EFT cleansing process every day and I observe that it relaxes me. Emotional Freedom Technique truly lives up to it's name. Thanks a lot, G Ruthara Mam 



Software Engineer, Chennai

It was a powerful and soul-soothing experience to say the least. It was indeed an eye-opener to get to know the secret black box(amygdala), that holds all our deepest grey shades intact.The tapping was such a beautiful experience that pulls out the undesirable emotions and liberates us from it. We all put the hats of counselors effortlessly, under the guidance of Ma'am and  I was able to witness the layers of emotions getting acknowledged and released. EFT for 7 main issues was so powerful, insightful and felt lots of unknown burdens washed away. Thank you so much Ma'am for your love and guidance.



Leela Palace, Chennai

Much needed for the hour in the lives that took part. You made it seem effortless to everyone with your super able guidance. Feel really good. This training was much relatable and a fruitful learning to help oneself and others.  Thank you very much mam for EFT.


Oracle & Angel Crd Reader,Chennai

The healing journey, the journey to wholeness, sometimes confuses me, leaving me with more questions than answers, leaving me feeling confused and helpless... This was my state until I met beloved G Ruthara ma'am last year and discovered what it means to be wanted, loved and cherished. I can keep singing her praises but this lifetime and the entire English dictionary will not be sufficient. This EFT workshop is evidence of her pure love for her students.

There were so many moments over the past weekend where I got to witness her pure love, passion, and commitment to her children. Her way of teaching EFT is incredible. The modality is the perfect compliment to all the other practices we have learned at her feet. At the end of the workshop, I realized that I had not only processed and let go of so many negative thoughts, habits, and blocks but also realized that I had let go of the deep sense of helplessness.

I have learned something that is incredibly powerful and yet so simple. I know I can easily cultivate a daily practice and I know I can soar to great heights when I practice regularly. I feel everyone must learn EFT, not only because it is simple but also because it is so elegant and effective. Gratitude and love


Maya Ramachandran

Psychological Counselor Chennai

Today's class was very informative. What I like about EFT is the simplicity of the technique and the rapidity with which the emotion associated with the trauma/difficulty gets healed/released forever.

I got an insight into a problem that I've been grappling with for the last year and a half. I could experience a beautiful calmness & peace in my body when I was healed and when I guided others. Dr. Ruthara, you are awesome....a beautiful Angel sent to guide all of us. Hats off to your energy and enthusiasm to do this for all for us. Deeply grateful



MBBS MD, Chennai

Thank you for such a wonderful EFT class dear ruthra mam .. Am so blessed to have you as my spiritual guru.. Am so grateful for the healing you did to me today and let go of all my negative emotions.. Surrogate tapping was yet another awesome exercise.. After a very long time I have a peaceful mind today.. A big thanks for the tail Ender's.. I've never laughed so much recently .. The modalities learnt in these two days were absolutely life changing.


Healer, Bangalore

EFT has been an amazing experience. Mam you always bring so many amazing things for us. A really big thank you for introducing this to us. Never had I thought a program would make me release so many emotions. Lots of things had cleared over the years with other modalities like Theta but EFT has been an icing on the cake. After the first day, I laughed wholeheartedly like I was back to my teenage days. The second day was even better. I had to go to a party in the evening where everyone thought I was high... yes I was high with happiness, freedom and felt so light. The laughter was coming naturally.. I just loved the program and will continue doing it. Mam the techniques are so good and the patience with which you deal with all our issues is on another level.  Thank you Mam from the bottom of my heart for showing the way every time I need guidance.


Lavanya Krishnan

Process Manager, Bangalore

My gratitude to Ruthra ma'am, a loving person born especially for souls like me. After rounds of tapping what flowed after that was pure bliss.. reminds me of my childhood joy of eating cotton candy .. the joy is so earthy.. so pure.. so ethereal..so fresh and gives a feeling that everything is only happiness and joy that is there in this world.. Maam.. you are someone who is so so special .. a mother who makes me so confident.. who pats me up and makes me so beautiful.. I have no words to express my love and gratitude to you..thank you for creating miracles through these workshops.


Geetha Arjun

Architect, Australia

The EFT course has added a new dimension and skillset to my life. Initially, I couldn't feel or do much in practice except learn theory and felt I was a misfit for the course. But thereafter with more practice, I got close to the ability to reach out to myself and others. And as I continue doing it, I feel more and more good. Thankyou once again for sharing this beautiful knowledge and technique!


Neela K Chari

HR Manager, Chennai

EFT was a not just a dream come true for me but this has also come to me in divine timing. I was speechless after the surrogate tapping and has again made my faith in the healing process firm and unshakable. I see only Hope and very strongly guided in my journey by Ma'am. I have started seeing Ruthra Ma'am as one of the ascended masters too. EFT is indeed very very powerful. Thank you so much ma'am once again for opening my eyes into the world of EFT.




What a powerful program for us to be doing during these times. This program is truly multi-dimensional in aspect by not only combining multiple powerful modalities but also by integrating various aspects of ourselves - be it wealth, health, relationships, love etc. 

Every day of the class was power-packed and we immediately moved into the sacred space with the beginning meditations. Not only did I realize the soul-transformation capability of EFT but also traveled through different magical journeys to shamanic, abundant, angelic realms of infinite abundance.  The tappings were unbelievable and as you said statements flowed out intuitively in the process and some of them were not even thought of. I was deeply moved and at times became emotional during the tappings.The positive statements are deeply profound and you really showed us the formula for our own individual abundance Ma'am. The 5 day course not only showed me the inner blocks and released it but also ingrained it with positivity and helped integrate Spiritual Abundance in my mind, body and soul through the unique multiple journeys.This online webinar is definitely unique in it's own way of giving enough time and space for all the healing and integration to occur in our own cocoon. I'm so so grateful to you Ma'am for bringing up this incredible course and so happy to have attended it.




Abundance Unleashed: The entire program was extremely well thought out and structured. The combination of EFT, Angel Healing of Chakras, Other Lessons from your Shaman certifications were so effective because they actually conveyed the intensity of the issue. We are so ignorant about where our negative programming is stemming from because we never get the time to sit with ourselves and analyze the root causes of our traumas.


These ten hours enabled me to understand the intensity of the traumas, where it is stemming from and also in releasing those negative programming. The healing has happened from the Cellular DNA and memory. Thank you so much Ma’am for teaching us so holistically. I feel like my awakening and healing skyrocketed post this program. You inspire us be better souls ma’am. I felt like a rainbow exploding on this earth with unconditional love abundance and gratitude post your session and now am working on feeling like that everyday with the techniques you taught.




The last 5 days have flown by so quickly. I sometimes pinch myself just to check if I am awake or I am dreaming because the kind of shifts I have experienced has been phenomenal.  The same situation that used to trigger me earlier (panic, anxiety, scarcity...), I am not even reacting to them.


When the 4-day severe lockdown was announced, the former me would have panicked, run to all the shops, waited in queues, and overpaid for the groceries. But I was so calm. Looked at my pantry, realized I can survive another 15 days without shopping, and just went about doing my other work. The feelings of anxiety-related lack and survival seem to have disappeared. I have to thank Ruthara ma'am for her phenomenal work.


She has reframed EFT into a powerful mechanism that can heal negative programs at the level of the DNA, from ancestral memory and the chakras. This program is a testament to her intelligence, her intuitive energy and in line with her soul purpose. Thank you ma'am for putting together this incredible workshop. It has been a beacon of hope and healing in the middle of all this chaos we are going through as a world. I request you to offer this on a regular basis so that more and more people can benefit from your healing light.




Dearest ma'am, You patiently Walked us through this powerful abundance unleashed program, what a brilliant class it was! Thank you ma'am for giving us an absolutely amazing and enlightening workshop. I was not sure how the whole EFT thing worked but was astounded at the difference it made to my thoughts, emotions in the activities we undertook over the 5 days. I practiced all the activities that you gave us and WOW it certainly identified an issue that I carried for many years. The glass wall process and the meditations that we did was one of it's kind. I wouldn't call it a process, it was more like a therapy for me, much needed one during this period of time. I'm so glad that I attended this workshop. I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in me ma'am  I truly appreciate and value everything I've learned from you so far. I will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and all my achievements. I highly recommend the workshop to everyone who is open minded to different views.




Thank you ma'am.. I’m showing my deepest gratitude for your selfless service 

A lil background about me.. I have never ever been associated with any kind of healing or any classes apart from studies/job or cooking... and this is my very first class, apart from the mentioned above..my first experience focusing on my inner personal growth...

You can call me, as if a baby who has just born into this path.. The first two days, I couldn’t even meditate well and allow the light to glow completely, I could sense loads of heaviness in my head — slowly it settled and by the third day I could meditate and see that the yellow bright light surrounded my vision... I call this as my first achievement... now that u have gifted us with so much knowledge, I feel blessed to hav such an opportunity...

Looking to grow older in this path gaining more knowledge and guidance. Thanks again maam.. Thanks for the healing



Raaghini R Wazacz


Dear Ruthara mam,   I want to thank you for the wonderful webinar 'Abundance Unleashed '. After doing the course,  I realized that we are our own masters and we will get that where we take our attention.  The EFT process helped me to unblock a lot of my beliefs which were sabotaging my abundance,  not only from my subconscious mind but also from my DNA.  The release from my DNA actually felt like a great big weight was off my chest.

You have fulfilled your responsibility that of giving us the tools, successfully and now it's in our hands how we use them to our benefit.  I know that I can achieve and reach my goals only if I practice what you have taught me regularly and set an example for others.

However,  Mam, it's my humble request to keep my name in your list of people whom you regularly call when you are conducting a new course. I will always be eagerly waiting to do more courses with you.

Thank you once again ️"




The 10 hour abundance unleashed program has opened up a new way of approach into my path of spiritual understanding.🤩 The combination of several modalities along with eft proved to be very effective during the course and still motivating me to shed the old fear, hatred and anxiety. So instantly changing my attitude towards  manifesting any of my desires.

The specific target towards financial issues really helped me look at areas that I don't know how to approach. Very intense and deep clearing of unseen blocks and blissful meditation with angels made me very happy to being a part of this course. ️ Especially receiving a beautiful angelic meditation... On mam birthday made it even more special to cherish forever ❣️❣️❣️

Am grateful to dear Rudra mam for always coming up with more than what we need just in divine timing.

Priyanka Pradeep


Our beloved ma'am had combined all her excellency and took an extraordinary class on solving our current problems on attracting abundance, the journeys were so super and insightful that we longed for more and more of such deep divers....I actually faced a shift in my abundance blocks with results what more could we ask for in such hard times..... learning EFT and effectively removing blocks with it as a way to do so was the icing on the cake .....I don't have words to thank ma'am for such beautiful teaching ..... thank you, ma'am

Maya Rajan


I received the benefit of 4 modalities in one class. It was the essence that i had to receive during this time of fear and negativity going on around the world (COVID-19 lockdown). When I saw Ruthara mam putting her heart and soul into this program for my benefit, I reciprocated by co-operating and simply allowed myself to be guided. Oh my! What a relief it is to surrender. When I did the homework, the one thing that I had to do came up as an answer. Iam grateful for this download and am sure it will help me plan my future. I thank this teacher who has taken up the mission of uplifting people who want to help themselves. I attribute all my success to this one women's teachings. May God bless her!



The class module itself is abundant which covered many healing modalities. I enjoyed the class with a lot of tapping that cleared many blocks I had. Every day the class started with a guided meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️that took me into the divine world. The chakra clearing session was the ultimate one where all my chakras got aligned with colorful light. The angelic healing 🧚🏼‍♀️was magical science and made me complete. I attended all the session with a lot of energy🤩 even though it was late night here. Almost I have cleared all the negative emotions and charged 100% after this class. The class is very unique and received many healings and learned the techniques from various modalities. Thank you very much, ma’am, for organizing such a wonderful class.



I am so lucky that I have joined this class and feeling very relaxed,calm and energetic also......it has been only few months only joining these classes and I have known my purpose of life in it....what else do you want once you come to know your purpose and you are taken the right path after it.....
Thank you for showing me the correct path of my life.....



I'm really grateful & thankful to all the energies to make me attend these sessions. Thank you so much ma'am for all your teachings.. it was an eye opener about my life blocks, which I never thought existed, I realised it only when I consciously thought about it.