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Abundance Breakthrough

Jitender, Mumbai

I was surprised how much amazing G Ruthara mam was!  I had lent a friend a huge sum of money which he had not returned for a long time.  Also, we were in different countries and at that time communicating with him was difficult.  I approached mam for getting back my money, as I was in dire need of it.  Mam being a very spiritual and advanced healer understood my pain and need and worked on me instantly.


What came as a surprise to me in the process was my constant subconscious negative chatter of not having enough and not able to afford.  I was totally taken aback that this was something that stopped me from feeling abundant.  My subconscious was bring up situations in the reality because of this negative program.  Mam was able to clear this negative program skillfully.  The result of the clearing was in the return of the amount that was due to me. My joy was boundless! 


I am so grateful to mam for her timely help in not just receiving what was due, but in clearing this major block that held me back from living a life of abundance and its awareness.  Thank you, Mam!

Abundance Breakthrough

Lucas, United States

G Ruthara made me multiply my number, multiple times. In her sessions I could dissolve my limitations on money thinking and learning how to line up with Source energy. I learned to accept my past and stop doing things that felt like they went against the current. I felt charged and expanded. I learned what my gifts were because I was asking and then listening with gratitude while working steady on my goals.

I became a millionaire. I have multiple income streams, am healthy, joyful and love every aspect of my life.


G Ruthara has a way to find your issues and where exactly they are. My big realization was definitely getting rid of me stuck in my past. It is an eye-opener and it works.

Abundance Breakthrough

Shah, Banglore

I started my sessions in August 2019 and definitely, it was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life.

In 2021 I got the right buyer for my high-value property. I used the tools of Abundance Breakthrough Coaching to sell the asset for a good price, very close to the desired one, even during a pandemic.

Since then, every problem I had was solved in an easy and effortless way, bringing me profit and advantage.

I became aware of my blocks and started to work with Mam. It is just the beginning of new awareness and I am sure abundance will be part of my new life!

In short, I understood how one can attract what you need in your life which works permanently in our favor!! By connecting to the Divine Light, as Mam taught, I connect to the Divine Source that created everything and that enabled me to make on Earth as it is in Heaven. Feeling happy, safe, balanced and ready for the best that is yet to come!

Abundance Breakthrough

Daniel, United States

I am continuing the process of releasing and have faith that I will be able to manifest the life I desire and dream of because I can honestly say that I deserve big things in life.

G Ruthara instills positive beliefs and she is truly a game-changer. When there is so much negativity in this world, she is a wonderful guide to clean out your inner house so that you can find the hidden treasures within you.


I think Abundance Breakthrough Coaching is the best gift you can gift yourself. You must dedicate yourself to the process every day, practice and be open to new awareness.

Abundance Breakthrough

Sophia, United States

"She is amazing, and has absolutely changed my life!!!"

I have been going through several sessions in Abundance Breakthrough Coaching and I can honestly say I’m seeing my approach towards people around me and life change before my eyes. I literally feel positive towards life and that’s a feeling that I’ve never known before. I’ve already manifested an extra income with my regular job. I recommend G Ruthara mam’s sessions. Just GO FOR IT!! Your life will be changed!! I am experiencing a new success because I was weeding out all the crap that would have stopped me.

Abundance Breakthrough

Frank, United States

"The impact that the Abundance Breakthrough has had on my life is so profound"


The impact the coaching sessions have had on my life is so profound that I have had a hard time remembering how I thought about myself and my situation in life before. I no longer remember my old negative self. I live to learn and to better myself, to become more enlightened and evolved each day. This is my life's purpose!


It has cleansed my mind. G Ruthara has helped me in other ways as well. Opening up has changed the way I receive help. After every session, I feel radiant and feel free to smile. I knew that all my worries and fears are being shifted and I felt SO much better.


So I bless the day I signed up for her sessions, it really has changed my life in profound ways. And I'm so grateful to mam for helping me to look at my life differently.


Thank you:)😇

Abundance Breakthrough

Hannah, United States

 “Since Starting the  Abundance Breakthrough Coaching I feel better about money."

My goal is to release that mental block that stops me from earning a decent salary and bring financial abundance into my life and have it permanently in my life. 


I am beginning to notice the blocks that are stopping me from earning money, especially fear of success and not thinking I am good enough. I feel lighter when I think about finances.  This I know, is the proof of the pudding.  The shift has happened in my mindset about abundance!

Abundance Breakthrough

Meera, Bombay

"It works!!"

My goal for signing up for the Abundance Breakthrough Coaching was to clear the thought and belief that I don't deserve to be wealthy and rich. I was NOT confident. As little as after 3 sessions, I got my confidence and it has helped me in every single aspect of my life!!


I'm getting to master getting connected to the Source, and finally feeling PEACE and JOY! Thank you for the awesome sessions!! I send you tons of Love and Blessings! You were a prayer answered!

It works!

Abundance Breakthrough

Sarika, Pune

“G Ruthara mam knows her stuff, and the program really works!”

I took the Abundance Breakthrough Coaching sessions, and in less than 2 months I've made back my investment several times over - This is no coincidence, and the program really works.

Abundance Breakthrough

Bhavna, Singapore

"I know that the results I have are due to the practices I have had through G Ruthara mam’s Abundance Breakthrough Coaching.”

I am so pleased with the transformation at work since I completed the coaching.❤


I was able to improve my personal sales and increase my commission. Somehow I was attracting great talent and partnerships. It has been kind of fun to see cool little miracles happening for me every day!

My business has been increasing over the past 2 years.


I know that the results I have are due to the practices I learned through the Unlimited Abundance Breakthrough Coaching.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Abundance Breakthrough

Sophia, United States

I started the Abundance Breakthrough Coaching in Jan 2021 and definitely, it was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. I was in constant anxiety and fear before I met G Ruthara.

I got an increase of 100% in my income. Also, I re-established the relationship with my family, which was always very hard to deal with, and since then my life is improving day by day.


I have much more to tell about how efficient it is using the tools for family members, business, etc...

I couldn't be more grateful to mam for doing these sessions on me.

Abundance Breakthrough

Olivia, United Arab Emirates

"Never experienced such a big shift in my 20 years of private business"

It is a truly invaluable learning experience for me as I learned how the brain works and it is fantastic how it opened up a whole new dimension of evolving into an extraordinary human being. By aligning all of my brain, heart, soul and body, I have experienced a big shift in my work. Learning is not limited! I believe the knowledge I implement now in all areas of my life.


I am so grateful to have taken the coaching sessions and you are the change agents of the world!


Richa, Microsoft, USA

"Working with G Ruthara is a life changing experience.  If you cross paths with her, consider it to be a great blessing of the universe.

When I met her, I was desiring to understand myself at deeper levels and to be released from shackles that chained me to the past.  I was seeking to empower myself to shift into a better version of myself and transcend personal limitations. 


I accomplished all of my goals after i work together; I am a different person.  Working with GRuthara was such a beautiful/life changing process.  She is incredibly talented, patient, kind, and goes above and beyond to help you.  


Every interaction I had with her was filled me with a lot move universal love wisdom."


Rupali, Kolkatta

I had approached G Ruthara Mam to overcome the depression that I was suffering from for over 10 years.  It had started postpartum and only became worse.  I was miserable in dealing with the relationships with family and co-workers.  I ultimately quit my job because I had become so dysfunctional.  The lack of work and income only sent me further into a vortex of depression. It was my divine timing that I came to know of G Ruthara mam through a friend who had spotted her on Facebook.

During the healing session, I instantly connected with her.  Her healing energy, kindness, compassion combined with a non-judgmental attitude made me open up and pour out my heart. The various processes gave me some instant healings.  I had taken few more sessions that completely changed my attitude and life.  I guess I was blessed by God to receive the healing at that time and space with Ruthara mam. Looking back, the days that followed the sessions were magical.  I am now aware of my thoughts, words and actions.  I have become humble and definitely sense a shift in my energy.  This energy shift projected on my relationship with family and it seems now that everyone is a friend. I have learnt to see the good in people and accept them as they are. I definitely have overcome depression. 

I thank mam for her healing energy, unconditional love and intuitive powers that she has used in healing me completely. She is a saviour!


Sonia, Bangalore

Hi ma'am...Thank you so much for your time💗 I don't know how this miraculous change was brought about in me that I was ready the next morning for chemo.  I have been fearing and resisting chemo for some time now. But, when I visited my oncologist the day after the session with mam, he told me he want to try an oral tablet which has some side effects but not as bad as a complete chemo. I don't know how this transformation happened, but I feel your healings worked for me 🙏🏻🙏  I am every grateful for your unconditional love and healing.


Swati, Delhi

Dear Ruthara mam,

I would like to express my sincere and deep felt gratitude to you, for your love and healing. I am changed after the session. I have started a new relationship with my body, one of love and nurturing.


I am so looking forward to the workshop with you. The right teacher makes all the difference!


Mohit, Delhi

I am sharing my experience with the multiple sessions that I had taken with G Ruthara Mam for over a period of 3 months. When I reached out to mam I was in an unpleasant state of mind, a broken and defeated person in life. I started feeling a shift in my energy starting from the very first session. Upon taking multiple sessions, I released a lot of childhood traumas.


During the sessions, she helped me to recognize my inner child and accept things that caused me pain in my childhood, bringing the hurt out into the light and helped me begin to understand their impact and transformation started to happen.


Mam's healing process was very powerful. She is gifted with intuitive skills. I gained a lot of confidence this way. I needed support & mentoring and I got that from her. She listened to me patiently, with all her attention and understood and guided me. I started to incorporate her teachings into my daily routine. Upon completing all my sessions with her, I feel very relaxed. Self-acceptance has increased and a new sense of patience & understanding towards myself can be felt & most importantly I feel worthy of myself in a relationship with myself and the people around me. I feel I am transforming into a very positive, confident person who is learning the path of self-love. Thank you, Mam, for your lovely guidance. I am so very grateful! 


Lochana, Bangalore

In October 2018, I was diagnosed with colon cancer. I started chemo along with radiation for 38 days.  I parallelly started to take sessions with mam for clearing and creating excellent physical health.  My body’s response to the treatment was good. So I thought I will escape surgery. I had a lot of apprehensions about surgery because I may have to have a stomach bag for some time, which was very, very disturbing. But all the doctors advised me to go for the surgery. The date for the surgery was fixed. After getting admitted to the hospital, 2 days prior to the surgery, I took another session with mam. She was saying that I was resisting the healing. She helped me to relax. I trusted her completely, willingly and happily received the healing. 


The surgery, which normally takes about 4 hrs, took 7 hrs in my case. My family was waiting outside the operation theatre and were so scared and worried. When the doctor came out of the operation theatre, my family asked him why it had taken so long.  You will be surprised with the doctor’s answer.  He said, “There is no trace of cancer. Not even a slight trace. We were searching, by comparing the MRI pictures. We just couldn't locate it."  My family was so astonished. My daughter asked why the doctors proceeded with the surgery. He answered that as a doctor he couldn’t take that risk.  I was in the hospital for 15 days and continued to receive healing. Yes, I had a stomach bag for two months and had another surgery to remove the bag.


All through these tough times, it is mam's healing and listening to the supporting downloads she gave me every night helped my body heal well. The whole experience was really amazing.

It is now going to be 2 yrs and I am doing fine.    I offer my gratitude every day to God and G Ruthara mam. 


Mrs.Raam, Chennai

I was a mother in terrible pain, as I was searching for my lost child for the past 5-6years. Searching for my lost child who was very much around me, but had changed so much, become remorse, very negative, short tempered, abusive, disrespectful, in a shell, hating and misunderstanding me all the time.

I missed the joy, love and bonding which I used to enjoy once upon a time. He was also becoming addictive to mild substance pleasures, having his own strong opinions, which could not be changed by anyone.

The Creator nodded to my prayers by sending G Ruthara Mam to the rescue. This kid had earlier not approved 3-4 therapists but was ready to work with mam like a tamed cub. He worked meticulously with her. She made him open up, share, discuss and understand why it was important to heal. She connected with him at his level, showed him that there are better ways to live and its possibilities.


In fact, she worked with both of us, healed patterns that migrated from my mom to me and thereafter to my son. She healed a lot of my pain, and imprinted peace in to me.


Today, there are times I enjoy an engaged conversation with my child, an early morning Milo drink and laughter. We call it Milo Mornings. Milo is my son’s favorite drink since his childhood. When I see him focused at work, thinking, exploring on what next, determined to make changes, it’s unbelievable, amazing and soothing to my soul.


When he promised me that he will never ever abuse me and that was done, I cried in joy and gratitude.

Every time I admire my child, my throat chokes, eyes moisten and I close my eyes whispering thanks to G Ruthara mam and God!  G Ruthara mam has the intuition to understand and picking up issues, connecting them to one’s behaviour – the WHYs, healing the problem and giving solutions.  If the situation warrants, she would even pickup the stick, as she truly cares for her client and not just the client but the entire family circle. She does more than what one can ask for.  I call her my Rescue Angel! I and, I am sure, my future generations remain in gratitude to her, always!!  Thank you, mam!!

Matrix Reimprinting

Noah, USA

When I came to G Ruthara mam for help, I was not sure how much my family situation could be healed. But, I knew only she could fix it. The people in my dysfunctional family were in 8 different directions.  My business was also suffering at the same time.  I knew this needed some divine intervention and by sheer luck reached out to Ruthara mam.  She was helping me for more than a month to clear energies of people in my family who were attracted to certain low vibrations.


While I was going through the sessions, I knew some clearing was taking place and that these complex issues would take time.  I had complete faith in her.  One by one, people in the family started to forgive each other by letting go of the past and their ego.  We became more and more spiritual.  We learnt how to live harmoniously in the family and genuinely care for each other.  My business also started improving as I could focus on it.  A sense of peace has settle in my mind and I am ever so grateful to G Ruthara mam for helping me through my most troubled phase of life. 

Matrix Reimprinting

Emma, Canada

I was a very angry person; angry with myself and my family. I used to show all my frustration on my child. I was verbally and physically abusive. I had no control over the words I used.  They were certainly unkind. The problem was that I would get into a rage and lose control.  I also had issues at work with co-workers. I was pushing people away from me with my words and struggled to sustain a good working relationship. I was triggered by every small incident.


Through Facebook, I found G Ruthara mam and approached her for help. During the sessions, mam’s intuition brought out the deep rooted trauma I myself faced in my mother’s hands.  I understood how I was using my child as a punch bag.  Mam intuitively realized my dysfunctional family dynamics and changed my DNA.  Now, even if I get triggered, I know where it is coming from.  The awareness has increased. I recall the sessions with mam and her guidance to calm myself.  I have made peace with my family and my life.


I am so thankful to my guardian angel, G Ruthara mam, who helped me establish good relations with my family.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Mathew, USA

I went to G Ruthara mam for healing, as my wife threatened to leave me due to alcohol abuse. I desperately wanted to save my marriage.  I was in much pain not only because of this but some unknown issue as well.  During the session, mam’s intuitive questions made me realise that I was using alcohol to numb myself due to childhood trauma of abuse.  The pain was a 10 on a scale of 0 - 10.


Tapping on pressure points instantly gave me relief.  A few sessions later, I was able to feel stronger and more in control of my emotions and behaviour. I could introspect and my self-awareness grew. This has helped me to analyse my emotions whenever I get triggered and that in turn stopped me from turning to alcohol. 


I am much grateful to mam, for giving me a technique that I can use to get instant relief from debilitating emotions.  I practice EFT whenever needed. 

Emotional Freedom Technique

Amelia, USA

It was just fate that I got trapped in an abusive relationship.  In the name of love, I was traumatized by my boyfriend. I was constantly foreseeing how the next abuse would land on me and get defensive. I would be extremely careful when interacting with other men, who were probably just acquaintances.  But the suspicious and over-possessive nature of my boyfriend would accuse me of infidelity. 


When I connected with G Ruthara mam for sessions, I instantly realized how kind and compassionate she was. At the same time, she could understand the dynamics of this relationship.  When she dug deeper, I realized that the lack of nurturing since my childhood was the reason for me holding on to my boyfriend. I was happy with the little care, though negative, I was getting. All this came to the surface during the multiple sessions.  However, I was still not ready to let go of him.  I clearly remember G Ruthara mam asking me if I would like to energetically release this person but I refused. 


Magic happened a little later! I heard some very harsh words from my boyfriend that shook me to the core.  By this time my self-worth had increased, thanks to G Ruthara mam.  I was ready to let go of him. The separation worked like magic.  It was a smooth transition without any drama.  We simply parted ways.


Today, I am a confident person who is aware of my emotions, accepting them and changing them, if necessary. I am have forgiven myself and the other person for putting me through that toxic relationship.  I have learnt my lessons gracefully and moved on.


I wish to thank G Ruthara mam for her unconditional love.  She is such a pure soul.  I would say she is the only person in my life, apart from God, who has created such positive impact.  She has freed me from the shackles of many lifetimes of pain and suffering.  

Emotional Release

Sophia, Los Angeles USA

I had an out-of-this-world experience given by G Ruthara Mam through the Emotional Release Process... It was a delight to the olfactory senses with specialized essential oils. Mam led me through a delightful sensory process, clearing chakras with breathing, sound toning, and crystal bowls.



The highlight of the Emotional Release session was the aroma oils, release statements, crystals, and commands. I learned the power of sound, the power of intention, and how to access the subconscious directly through the senses.


Thank you, I am blessed to take the session with you!

Emotional Release

Reshma, Chidambaram

I am a huge fan of G Ruthara mam, especially after taking the Emotional Release therapy session with her.  It has given me tremendous results!  If you know my story or even parts of my story, you will understand why I am telling this.



I have spent the majority of my life struggling with anger, sadness, fear, resentment, and shame. I was depressed, anxiety-ridden, and paralyzed with hopelessness. There were a couple of instances in my life when I was desperately searching for ways to make my early exit from life and I merely existed as a despondent shell of a girl.


You can probably imagine how light, free, optimistic, inspired, and motivated I felt when the dark veils of my unresolved emotions got cleared after having a few Emotional Release sessions!!!!


Negative emotions and limiting beliefs were nowhere to be found. Up to that point, I had never known life without them and then they were simply gone after the sessions!!!!! Dark thunder clouds just vanished with the light breeze of new hope. The shift in energy was effortless and liberating all at the same time. 


Afterward, I could sense something had changed. It wasn’t until life circumstances appeared, that would normally trigger my anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, that I realized they were truly gone! I had been expecting to see myself react in a very lit-up and charged way. And yet, there was a calmness about me that didn’t feel connected to the emotional charge that I once knew. A sense of peace, balance, and heightened perspective were now present within me and I knew I had been set free.

I highly recommend this process and a session with mam! I thank you, G Ruthara mam, for your patience with me. Thank you & I love you!

Family Constellations

Sansa, USA

I approached G Ruthara mam for Family Constellation sessions because I was going through an entanglement in my family setup.


I am totally amazed at how G Ruthara Mam created the energy grid and held the energy and healing space. She was like a Master Director....guiding me through the process ....with the right and powerful inputs...the characters came alive.  This created a new perspective in my mind, on why people behave the way they do.  This also created a space in my heart for forgiveness. This healed that aspect of myself which needed ameliorating.


The Ancestors line up was an eye opener.  I could see how different my maternal and paternal lineage stands in my support.  Thanks a ton🙏 for this wonderful experience Ma'am. Love you 💞🌻

Family Constellations

Sameera, Jaipur

I feel so lucky to have taken Family Constellations sessions with G Ruthara mam. There was an immediate shift in my life as many aspects of my family members were revealed during the sessions. I was able to connect easily with my ancestors through the energy field mam had created, and that gave me a feeling of nurturing and comfort. I was happy to pay homage to them and sensed the blessings they gave my family and me. I am now proud of my lineage and no longer blame my parents for the happenings in my life.

I am totally satisfied with the results of the session.  I believe that this was possible only because of the intuition and guidance from G Ruthara mam.  I highly recommend Family Constellations with G Ruthara mam, to anyone who wishes to smoothen relations with their family.  I can’t thank mam enough for clearing the negative energies in my family and help us live a harmonious life.

Access Bars

Nita, Salem

The low this year has been my health- I fell ill in August and couldn’t work for about 3 weeks. That is when I received Access Bars and it made a huge difference. I was very ill just before the session and wasn’t sure if I would make it.  But the effort was worth it. The very first session made a dramatic difference.  At the end of the multiple sessions, I was completely fine.  My health issue was fixed by running the Bars.  I am so thankful to mam for her energy in healing me. ♥️🌱🌸

Access Bars

Deepa, Mumbai

Dearest G Ruthara mam, I was feeling at ease and totally satisfied by the bar sessions: I began to see results in just a day! I am feeling much happier each day and my concentration at work has increased tremendously. I am laughing more often and open-heartedly these days. I feel more energetic throughout the day as I am able to sleep better at night. I am really grateful to Ma'am for this beautiful processes she has painstakingly done for me for days. Thank you, Ma’am 

Access Bars

Nayana, Australia

Access Bar sessions given by you were a very interesting healing modality which I would certainly recommend. The energy of the sessions was wonderful.


Running the Bars for the different aspects of life was an amazing experience. I was in a deep state of relaxation and still have a feeling of lightness in my mind and body. I feel calm with no thoughts running in my head. Thank you for this wonderful experience.

Access Energetic Facelift

Mitali, Chandigarh

Since my childhood, I have had an inferiority complex about my looks, which was instilled by my family memebers and friends at school. I suffered from agoraphobia. I would struggle to step out of home.  Even if I had to, I used to hide my face when going out into the public areas.


I met with G Ruthara mam, who suggested Access Energetic Facelift process.  It had amazing results right from the first session. I could see myself smiling, and my face lit up when I did. I gained confidence and self-love.  Comments from others no longer bother me.  It’s true that the comments no longer come towards me.  I realise that when my energy has shifted, the need in me to receive negative comments has absconded. My outer world is a beautiful manifestation of my within.


I am so thankful to this dear soul, G Ruthara mam, for my transformation.  I am so confident now that I even appeared in the local television programme to promote my business. This is possible only because of the sessions with mam. Love and gratitude to mam!  💕💕

Access Energetic Facelift

Lajita, Ooty

I don’t know where to start. I have been through some very abusive experience since my childhood.  It took a long time for me to realise what had happened to me. This wrecked havoc on my confidence, self-worth and affected every possible area of my life.  I just didn’t have the energy to continue living.


That’s when I was destined to meet G Ruthara mam.  It was a blessing straight from my guardian angels and God that I had to meet mam at that point of my life when I had given up. Apart from learning some other healing processes from mam, she had run Access Energetic Facelift also on me.  I came to the awareness that I had wanted to look ugly all my life in order to not be attractive to anyone’s eyes. This survival mechanism of me as a child came as a shock to me. The process gave me instant relief.  I continued to take more sessions, because I wanted a total and complete healing. Believe me, mine was a typical story of an ugly duckling turning into a beautiful swan.  I started to see changes in my exterior, particularly my face.  I also realized that my soul was experiencing healing.  I forgave all those who had to be forgiven, including myself.  I chose to put aside my past and surge forward.


I created abundance in my business. I even received comments from my family that I looked beautiful of late. I let go of the fear of being attractive and learnt to take care of myself.  The transformation was total and complete.  I thank G Ruthara mam for helping me in my healing process.  She may not have an idea what an impact she has had on my life.  I give thanks and gratitude to her every day! 

Access Body process

Janaki, Cochin 

I was a very healthy person always.  This gave me confidence to do all work without doubting my capabilities. However, one day when I was lifting a heavy box, my back sprained and I felt excruciating pain. An x-ray revealed that I had herniated my intervertebral disc.  I had to urgently travel and I could do it only in a wheel chair. I should tell you that I had previously 26 sittings of traction physiotherapy, spending a huge amount of money but with minimum result. I suffered for nearly 6 months.


G Ruthara mam put me through an Access Body process called Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System, (MTVSS) and other body processes which were necessary for me. This is a tool of choice for undoing almost any way the body was malfunctioning. I took 6 sessions of this body process.  I started seeing the results instantaneously. The healing was so good that I could stand and deliver my speech in a seminar.  I am a teacher by profession.


I am even now amazed at the results of this body process and the energy G Ruthara mam put in me for my healing.  I am grateful to her forever!  Thank you, mam!

Soul Retrieval

William, USA

I had done a Soul Retrieval process with Ma'am when I was very much in pain because of my family members. The session has helped me to grow without any hindrance from them. While doing the process, I could feel my broken soul. Upon completion of the process I could again feel as if the pieces of my soul were getting back to their place, and I was complete again. As the days passed by, there are no more problems created by my family members.

Really Ma'am, I am very thankful to you for helping me and guiding me.  It is only because of you that I am living in peace and harmony.

Shamanic Extraction

Vedant, Thanjavur

I came to G Ruthara mam for help as a troubled parent.  My daughter who was doing well in school suddenly developed abnormalities. She refused to go to school, would be indoors all the time, showed no respect to anybody and would use the most abusive language possible.  This sent my wife and me into a shock.  We knew instinctively that this was not our daughter talking.  I consulted with many psychiatrists who put my daughter through medication but I saw no improvement in her.

A kind friend suggested that I meet G Ruthara mam to see if she would take up my daughter’s case. Though mam agreed to meet my daughter, she refused to cooperate with mam.  In fact, my daughter challenged mam to a contest of will.  Mam, the humble person that she is, agreed by saying that since the fee has already been paid, she would like to do her best.  This seemed to calm my daughter a bit.

In just one session of Shamanic Extraction process, an entity that had housed in daughter left her.  My daughter was having a comfortable relationship with this entity and any attempt to send it away would throw her into a fit.  But this entity was no match to the powerful shaman that G Ruthara mam is.  I was so amazed at the transformation that took place in my daughter after the process.  She finished school successfully and went on to graduate from college.  This would have been impossible if not for G Ruthara mam.  My entire family is indebted to her!  She saved my daughter and brought back happiness and peace into our lives once again!   

Shamanic Extraction

Harshith, Pondicherry

I owned a piece of land on which my factory was set up.  But due to a downturn in business I chose to shut it down and sell the land. I struggled to sell the land as there were challenges in the property documents. I was in urgent need of money to pay off my debts and that would be possible only if I sold the land.


That’s when I approached G Ruthara mam for help.  She instantly agreed to help me.  The energetic clearing that she did brought miraculous results.  The person who refused to accept signing the property documents agreed to my terms.  This issue which was dragging for many months came to an amicable resolution for all parties involved.  I was stunned!


I thank G Ruthara mam profusely for coming in as a divine angel during my time of struggle.  The selling of the land and paying off my debts brought so much peace for my family and me. I could start focusing on my work again.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart and keep her in my prayers, always!

Home & Office Space Clearings

Gautami, Thrissur

I am a real estate agent. I took some sessions with G Ruthara mam on energetic clearings for some properties of my clients that they were struggling to sell.  As if by magic, once the energies were cleared we could sell the properties at an appreciated price.  My clients were so happy with my services.  I owe it all to G Ruthara mam. 


There were some very interesting energies that existed in couple of properties.  In one building, the resident energy was a wayward spirit that was refusing to leave the place. In another property, which was a difficult case, G Ruthara mam use a shamanic process to send the dark energy to God’s light.


I thank mam, for her energy in clearing these spaces.  It helped me get a good commission for every sale I made and increase my clientele base.

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