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Abundance for Life

Abundance Breakthrough

Abundance Unleashed:
Clearing Money Blocks Webinar


Yoga Trainer

Abundance Unleashed: The entire program was extremely well thought out and structured. The combination of EFT, Angel Healing of Chakras, other lessons from your Shaman certifications were so effective because they actually conveyed the intensity of the issue. We are so ignorant about where our negative programming is stemming from because we never get the time to sit with ourselves and analyze the root causes of our traumas.


These 5-days enabled me to understand the intensity of the traumas, where it is stemming from and also in releasing those negative programming. The healing has happened from the Cellular DNA-level memory. Thank you so much Ma’am, for teaching us so holistically. I feel like my awakening and healing skyrocketed post this program. You inspire us be better souls ma’am. I felt like a rainbow exploding on this earth with unconditional love, abundance and gratitude post your session and now am working on feeling like that every day with the techniques you taught.



The last 5 days have flown by so quickly. I sometimes pinch myself just to check if I am awake or I am dreaming because the kind of shifts I have experienced has been phenomenal.  The same situation that used to trigger me earlier (panic, anxiety, scarcity...), I am not even reacting to them.


When the 4-day severe lockdown was announced, the former me would have panicked, run to all the shops, waited in queues, and overpaid for the groceries. But I was so calm. Looked at my pantry, realized I can survive another 15 days without shopping, and just went about doing my other work. The feelings of anxiety-related lack and survival seem to have disappeared. I have to thank Ruthara ma'am, for her phenomenal work.


She has reframed EFT into a powerful mechanism that can heal negative programs at the level of the DNA, from ancestral memory and the chakras. This program is a testament to her intelligence, her intuitive energy and in line with her soul purpose. Thank you, ma'am, for putting together this incredible workshop. It has been a beacon of hope and healing in the middle of all this chaos we are going through as a world. I request you to offer this on a regular basis so that more and more people can benefit from your healing light.



Dearest ma'am, you patiently walked us through this powerful abundance unleashed program. What a brilliant class it was! Thank you ma'am for giving us an absolutely amazing and enlightening workshop. I was not sure how the whole EFT thing worked but was astounded at the difference it made to my thoughts, emotions,. I practiced all the activities that you gave us and WOW, it certainly identified an issue that I carried for many years. The glass wall process and the meditations that we did was one of it's kind. I wouldn't call it a process, it was more like a therapy for me, a much needed one, during this period of time. I'm so glad that I attended this workshop. I want to express my deepest gratitude for believing in me, ma'am.  I truly appreciate and value everything I've learned from you, so far. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and all my achievements. I highly recommend the workshop to everyone who is open minded to different views.



Thank you, ma'am! My deepest gratitude for your selfless service.  To give you a little background about me… I have never ever been associated with any kind of healing modalities. I have only focused on studies, job, cooking, etc. This is my very first class, my first experience focusing on my  personal growth. I am just taking baby steps  in this path.. The first two days, I couldn’t even meditate well and allow the light to glow completely, I could sense loads of heaviness in my head — slowly it settled and by the third day I could meditate and see that the yellow bright light surrounded my vision... I call this my first achievement. Now that u have gifted us with so much knowledge, I feel blessed to have such an opportunity. Looking to grow older in this path, gaining more knowledge and guidance. Thanks again, maam! Thanks for the healing!

Raaghini R Wazacz


Dear Ruthara mam,   I want to thank you for the wonderful webinar 'Abundance Unleashed '. After doing the course, I realized that we are our own masters and we will get, that where we take our attention to.  The EFT process helped me to unblock a lot of my beliefs which were sabotaging my abundance, not only from my subconscious mind but also from my DNA.  The release from my DNA actually felt like a great weight was off my chest. You have fulfilled your responsibility of giving us the tools successfully, and now it's in our hands how we use them to our benefit.  I know that I can achieve and reach my goals only if I practice what you have taught me regularly and set an example for others. However,  Mam, it's my humble request to keep my name in your list of people whom you regularly call when you are conducting a new course. I will always be eagerly waiting to do more courses with you. Thank you once again ️"



The 5-day Abundance Unleashed program has opened up a new way of approaching my path of spiritual understanding.🤩 The combination of several modalities along with EFt proved to be very effective during the course and still motivating me to shed the old fear, hatred, and anxiety. It instantly changed my attitude towards manifesting any of my desires. The specific target towards financial issues really helped me look at areas that I don't know how to approach. Very intense and deep clearing of unseen blocks and blissful meditation with angels made me very happy to be a part of this course. ️  Angelic meditation was beautiful. I Am grateful to dear Rudthara mam, for always coming up with more than what we need just in divine timing.

Priyanka Pradeep


Our beloved ma'am had combined all her excellence and given an extraordinary class on solving our current problems in attracting abundance. The journeys were so super and insightful, that we longed for more and more of such deep-divers....I actually faced a shift in my abundance blocks with results. What more could we ask for in such hard times. Learning EFT and effectively removing blocks was the icing on the cake. I don't have words to thank ma'am, for such beautiful teaching. Thank you, ma'am!

Maya Rajan

Occupational Health & Safety Trainer

I received the benefit of 4 modalities in one class. It was the essence that i had to receive during this time of fear and negativity going on around the world (COVID-19 lockdown). When I saw Ruthara mam putting her heart and soul into this program for my benefit, I reciprocated by co-operating and simply allowed myself to be guided. Oh my! What a relief it is to surrender. When I did the homework, the one thing that I had to do, came up as an answer. Iam grateful for this download and am sure it will help me plan my future. I thank this teacher, who has taken up the mission of uplifting people who want to help themselves. I attribute all my success to this one person’s teachings. May God bless her!


Software Engineer, New Zealand

The class module itself is abundant which covered many healing modalities. I enjoyed the class with a lot of tapping that cleared many blocks I had. Every day the class started with a guided meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️that took me into the divine world. The chakra clearing session was the ultimate one where all my chakras got aligned with colorful light. The angelic healing 🧚🏼‍♀️was magical science and made me complete. I attended all the sessions with a lot of energy🤩 even though it was late night here. Almost I have cleared all the negative emotions and charged 100% after this class. The class is very unique and received many healings and learned the techniques from various modalities. Thank you very much, ma’am, for organizing such a wonderful class.



I am so lucky that I have joined this class and feeling very relaxed, calm and energetic..It has been only few months since I joined  G Ruthara mam’s classes, and I already  know my purpose in life. What else could one want! Once you come to know your purpose, you can  take the right path. Thank you for showing me the correct path of my life, mam!



I'm really grateful & thankful to all the energies that made me attend these sessions. Thank you so much, ma'am, for all your teachings. It was an eye-opener  to know my life blocks, which I never thought existed. I realized it only when I consciously thought about it, in this class.



Over the years I have learned to just trust Ruthara ma'am’s wisdom and knowledge and have showed up whenever workshops are announced. This Abundance series was no different and I am grateful I answered the call.


On a material and monetary level

  1. I started getting calls immediately after the webinar and my calender became full for the upcoming week

  2. I made the effort to contact a financial planner and have set up a meeting with them for Saturday

  3. I contacted a website designer and developer for the purpose of my website


On an emotional and spiritual level

  1. I finally feel something I have never felt before: 'a hunger for life'; a genuine spiritual desire to explore and experience life

  2. Leaving people and incidents from the past behind me and allow them to heal and evolve at their own pace

  3. Forgiveness of myself and the poor decisions I have made around money, love and safety.


To get into that state of flow and union with the Creator's plans for me (my destiny) will require me to keep peeling back the layers and keep opening my heart.

Words aren't enough to thank Ruthara ma'am, so I will keep it really simple - thank you for opening my eyes and my heart to what love can do.



The Abundance for Life program was very different from the previous Abundance Breakthrough webinar. In that, it made us answer questions about various aspects such as fear, doubt, change etc. which were not addressed directly until now...

The eye opener was the sub personalities in me that resisted change. This process has revealed many hidden aspects of my personality and moved me towards an integrated healing.🌟

Thank you, Mam, for this awesome program... every program of yours excels the previous one by a huge margin  You have given us such a beautiful gift🎁 in the form of this life changing webinar on your birthday.💝🌸🌈🎊"

I thank the group for their powerful energy that synergized to help the healing happen faster.



I had a lot of release in Abundance Breakthrough. I received the message that I can expect the best for myself.  However, some unproductive habits still clung on to me.  At the beginning of Abundance for Life class, I intended to rid of any residue that stopped me from experiencing abundance.  G Ruthara mam, had taught us that one can’t expect to change if we continue the old habits.  I feared how I was going to implement this learning. 

Soon after the class, as if by magic, I had no desire to go back to old habits. I believe that the energy statements, a very powerful meditation that mam taught in class and the follow up 41-day exercise is creating this magic. 


I am every grateful to mam, for taking up the issue that is bothering her students most and working on us.  She is so tuned to her students that she knows what the need of the hour is.  I highly recommend the Abundance classes/one-on-one sessions for anyone who knows they have blocks but have no idea how to get rid of them.


Thank you, G Ruthara mam, for your tireless effort in helping your students be abundance conscious. Love you lots, mam!"



Dear Ruthara ji, Am grateful and blessed to attend the Abundance for Life webinar. The webinar was like a THUNDER! I could do this class again and again just to experience this blissful THUNDER 💜

Priyanka Predeep


Dear ma'am,


Can't thank you enough for this workshop.  I have instantly seen changes.

On day 1 I felt relieved of breathing difficulties I have had for a long time now.

On day 2, one of my relatives sought my help and I experience the improvement in our relationship.


Things are really working!  I sense the various dimensions the class has shifted for me.

Thank you, ma'am! This is only a sign that much more abundance and its various forms are in store for me. It’s all working in my favour. This seminar has already shown how to check and manage the free flowing abundance coming through.



Dear Ma'am

I salute your commitment and consistency in your teaching and healing programs. You always keeping our welfare and betterment in mind while designing the programs. It is conducted seamlessly, without a glitch and it appears effortless....but I know there is a lot of hard work and spade work that has gone behind the scenes.  We love you for that!!

Thank you for including me in your circle....



The Abundance for Life workshop was a really amazing experience and I felt the release of blockages in me. Ever since the workshop I have found a lot of change in my personal and professional life. Have been getting enquires and orders have started to come in. It’s a wonderful experience! I feel very light and calm since the webinar.


Thank you ma’am, so much for this wonderful workshop 🤍💗😁.



The Abundance for Life webinar has brought great clarity and understanding of blocks which is creating resistance in me for moving forward. It's has imparted the importance of discipline and planning for financial independence. Thank you ma'am, for crafting it in such a simple and profound way. Much gratitude and love 🌹💞

Anita Khanna


Dear Mam, the recent Abundance for Life webinar has given me way more insights of abundance than I can envision. It has opened complicated self-doubts in my mind in a simple way, and gives me the confidence to address various blockages which prevents me from manifesting the life of my dreams.  Many thanks, mam, for breaking down the process in such simplistic terms. 🙏🏻lots of love & Gratitude



I didn't join this workshop with the intention only for abundant wealth.  What attracted me was the skill I learnt to ask the Creator, with a mindset of child without doubts. I cleared the blocks to abundance.  Now, I just ask and I get it 🥰 I have learnt the art of asking and negotiating.


After the workshop there is certainly positive change in my thinking, and acceptance to change has been induced. Looking forward for countable results. 🤗



Dear Ma’am ,


I usually, with great difficulty, would start some practise and would discontinue in 2-3 days time. After the Abundance program for life by you, the first thing I noticed is the shift in energy to pursue my goals.  I take up projects with joy and fun and no longer feel burdened.

Your lesson in the class about talking responsibility for the changes had a huge impact on me. The Negotiation technique is another highlight. Overall, I feel things are shifting for me for my highest and best. I see myself taking action in my personal and professional life without doubt, fear and resistance.


Thank you so much Ma’am! I benefited greatly from the workshop and I am looking forward to your future classes. 🙏



This abundance workshop was a fabulous and fun experience! I learnt a lot on how to focus towards my goals better. It helped in releasing a lot of blockages within me that I unknowingly held.

Ruthara ma'am made it very easy for us to understand and, as usual, conducted a fabulous workshop 😀.


After completing the workshop, I can see an increase in my abundance and many other changes in me. 


Thank you so much, Ruthara ma'am! 🙏😊



The abundance workshop was totally incredible! For me the best take away was the meditation I learnt to practice every day.

And am so very grateful to Ma’am for giving us this class.  I feel protected, abundantly secure with the feeling of financial plenty.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!



Dear Ruthara ma'am

Thank you for this beautiful workshop. Every time I attend one of your classes I keep thinking this is the peak, but I can see now that you have more and more to teach us and help us grow. The very first time I met you, I told you about a pattern that my mother, my sister and I have and you said we will resolve it. Through the course of the workshop, this painful pattern and the associated illness did heal. I am so proud to be your student. I know how much you put in to make sure each and every person is healed and living out their full potential. As always I look forward to putting into practice what you have taught me. Many miracles have happened and I now know more can happen for me. Love you so much!



Amazing workshop!  Very fortunate to have been in this session. I could identify the DNA which was bothering me and replaced it with new DNA and in all my cells.  Cleansing and balancing chakras was top notch.  Thank you, G Ruthara!



Greetings, Ruthara ji!  Experiences I had during the Abundance Breakthrough seminar were incredible. DNA activation for infinite abundance and infinite prosperity was mind blowing. However deep we are in this process, during activation we are pulled to witness this marvellous phenomenon happening within. Thank you, Ruthara ji, for guiding us gently into this seminar and special thanks to group energies in holding space for each other. I strongly feel am new & different after the seminar. I love this quick transformation in me. All we have to do was sit comfortably and breathe and listen to Ruthara ji’s voice. The rest is transformation! For a regular practitioner, this seminar is a great polisher yielding manifestations with crystal clear high intensity. Thankyou 🙏



I would like to start by saying thank you, dear G Ruthara maam, for everything you do for our benefit.

As soon as I registered for the Abundance Breakthrough workshop, I'm seemingly gifted with magical upgrades in my spiritual practice and positive shifts in perspective of my relationships!


This was a very engaging, focused and targeted workshop. It was presented with very clear analogies.


This workshop for me is like finding the missing numbers in an array.


The chakra meditation, the DNA activation and changing the patterns were super magical and I felt in my heart that all the worry and fear meant nothing at all.


Realizing my blocks, fears and limiting beliefs in the area of finance, I was able to actively work to heal and release them by opening up an infinite source of abundance.


From this moment forward, I can embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream.



Dear G Ruthara mam, I wish to thank you for creating the Abundance Breakthrough class.  The clearing and healing is getting more and more intense, the feelings real, the energy shift more palpable and manifestation, quick.

Some amazing things have happened in this class. I now know what personal and ancestral theme has prevented me from living a satisfied and complete life.


A paradigm shift in the way I think about abundance has happened. I feel squeaky clean after the chakras clearing. I am rejuvenated after the DNA activation. I now know the meaning of the adage 'sky is your limit'.


I thank you for bringing this science to us at such a nominal energy exchange.  This says something about your compassionate and magnanimous heart; the love and care you have for your students; the effort you take to give only the best. If I could emulate even a small percentage of your work ethics, I can reach great heights. Once again I thank you, mam, from the bottom of my newly enlarged, energetic and grateful ❤!



What an amazing program it was, G Ruthara Mam! I always look forward to every new workshop by Ruthara Mam, especially the ones on abundance.

Each has transformed me in some way but the Abundance Breakthrough seminar was simply unique and one of its kind.


The process to identify the ancestral blocks was such an eye opener 👁️


The chakra clearing and DNA activation were both powerful and energising.


Only Ruthara Mam can create such a wonderful magical program for us and spoon feed 🥄 it to us 😛


She always shares the information that she has personally benefited from because she is genuinely interested in our welfare and growth.


Thank you once again Ruthara mam for creating the transformation in our lives that we so badly need...




Aside from sharing how wonderful the workshop had been, I want to share the instant miracle that I'm experiencing right now.

My arthritic pain seems to have magically disappeared today after releasing the ancestral programs and the DNA modifications.


Today I released the ancestral patterns and programs inherited from my mom and along with that pain also had vanished.


No words to thank you for what you have given us all. A BIG THANK YOU, with lots of love and gratitude❤️🙏💐



Thank you for being kind and generous, G Ruthara mam! This weekend has been incredible. You have always played a significant role in my healing journey - every time I am a part of the space you hold, I see myself shedding a layer of my old self which is stopping me from expanding and moving forward. Every time I experience a shocking realisation of the blockages (some I have created to survive while some are energy imprints of my bloodline) and your healing not only helps clear them but also shows us the way forward. This weekend gave me a similar experience - raw, intense yet loving and supporting.

Fear of abandonment has always been my root cause which had led me to question my self-worth, numb my emotions, be aggressive, think I am unlovable and all these made me stay away from humans for good. Everytime I am pushed away/ghosted/betrayed, I feel abandoned which gets me to question if I am really worth anything. Yesterday I understood why I felt all this, today I feel I am aware of how to handle it.


Like you said, I am grateful to everyone who pushed me away as that not only led me to get back up stronger yet also go within and introspect on how sometimes these experiences are not always about me but about the people who are/were in my life too. The Creator helped me see all that. Thank you so much for being a part of my life 🌼🧬❤️. I love you 🍁



Thanks a million, Ma`am, for this wonderful Abundance Breakthrough program.  And also my sincere thanks goes here to your organizing team and each one of the participant members here.  Your unconditional love toward your students and charitable activities to the global communities around is exceptionally commendable.  Be blessed always Ma'am, and bless each of us here for our overall wellbeing.🙏



This class was really very awesome! As I have done several shamanic healing workshops with Ma'am, I had an idea about the patterns repeating through the lineage but here, I discovered the ‘why’ of it, and the ‘where from’....the questions guiding towards finding the depth of the matter were also very well thought of.

When we identify the chakra and organ related to these issues, I understood that if in my daily affirmation I include it like specifically, I will get better results. I also found out why I am facing these issues. Towards the end of day 2, I received the final award.


All the processes were so powerful and I felt them all. I'm so thankful to ma'am for helping me clear so many of my blocks and the way forgiveness was converted to gratitude was superb and to the point.... thank you so much ma'am for cleaning the issue from my DNA! 🙏 🙏 🙏



Dear Ma’am, thank you for your generosity, kindness and best wishes for your students and their offspring. I have always been tuned to believe in Karma for all that life gives. In the midst of challenges, Good Karma brings such wonderful beings into my contact. The DNA for me and my future generations is certainly blessings. The Golden Pyramid is my home 🙏🌟🤗



This class was divinely orchestrated for me that came at the right time and for reasons deeper than what I could perceive. I had a knowing that some of the things I'm going through are not my own doing but are ancestral patterns, and with this class, I was able to receive clarity and clearance from it and a push in the right direction.

The course was designed beautifully in a manner that simplifies a rather advanced subject. Steps were easy to follow, the pace was perfect, and the energy and passion G Ruthara Ma'am exuded were transferred to us in real time. It was truly spectacular. I thank you for all that you do and for being an inspiration for all. Thank you, Ma'am 🙏💕



Thank you, G Ruthara maam! The class was really awesome! It gave me more strength to push forward after seeing my manifestation become a reality. I would also love to thank all the participants and our beloved maam for her unlimited love and support.



Thank you for this amazing session, G Ruthara ma'am. I really needed it 🙏! Blockages from ancestors have been cleared and gifts have been accepted. This was a fabulous workshop! Connecting my pattern with two of my ancestors and clearing the blockages through finding out which organ had the pain and resonating with feelings, was healing! This workshop empowers my manifestation more and more.

Thank you once again, ma'am, you made it so easy for us to understand.



Ma'am ....What can I say!

I am stumped for words and expressions.

The experiences and healing are going deeper and deeper into my soul.

The perspective from which you approached the topic was totally unique....and I am sure this comes from your vast experience and deep understanding of what/when / how much healing we get what we desire.

The meditations were like 3 personal sessions rolled into one. I was shivering (in a good way) from the energies you invoked.

Even more astounding was that we came together from across various parts of the Earth....yet the group energy, as always, was amazing!

We are blessed to be guided so selflessly by an Angle Mother like you...!🙇🏾‍♀️🙏💞\



Thanks so much, G Ruthara mam, for the Abundance Breakthrough class over the weekend. It was really an ethereal experience to know what I have been holding and for what reason. It’s so endearing to have a teacher like you to guide my life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart 🙏💓



Here is something I want to share about my experience. First of all, it was really interesting that the Abundance Breakthrough workshop was done as a group. As G Ruthara ma'm said, group energy is required. But for me, it is also a good way of knowing that we aren't alone and highlights the point that we can all have abundance together and to be wealthy, one needn't deprive another.

An important take away for me is that the healing has helped me look at the future with hope rather than just anxiety or fear. I go forth knowing that healing and manifestations aren't quick fixes but that faith and efforts will bear fruit. Thank you again, Ruthara ma'm, for your encouragement and energy. Do keep us in your prayers and intentions.



The sessions on both days were like a super duper hit movie. There was happiness, healing and hearty conversations in the breakout rooms with assigned buddies. I'm happy I attended.  There was so much healing.  In fact, ☺ 🙏❤ a friend asked me the next day if I met someone and was in love, as my aura was radiating 😊🙏 I told her that I attended a two day webinar with G Ruthara Maam. My friend was very happy for me as after a long time she found me relaxed and calm. All my gratitude and affection to you, Maam. No matter where I am, God has always kept me connected to you...from Dubai to US 😍🙏🙏🙏❤ Lots of love to you, maam, and thank you for making it happen for me :-)



I am really grateful to Ma’am for conducting the Abundance Breakthrough workshop. I couldn’t tell you enough how I believe in magic, how Universe conspires to get the correct people in life who motivates you, pushes you, drags you, if needed, so that you realize the potential hidden in you. For me, G Ruthara ma’am was that magic who pulled and pushed me since we met. Me meeting Ruthara ma’am was a big conspiracy of the Universe itself. My life has changed completely in last few days. I am finally working and taking action to come into my power. I will soon update when my project is ready. I had my beliefs which never made me feel loved and acknowledged by my own family but the classes with mam has helped me to come out of it and my family members have started acknowledging too.


My family members have started to contact me for getting healing sessions. I cannot tell you how much it means to me. Thank you so much, ma’am. I am looking forward to be a life-long student. I do really see myself to be a philanthropist like you some day and create some ripples of happiness in someone’s life. Lots of love 💕 to you.

Abundance Breakthrough

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