California, USA

My dearest G Ruthara, It was such a pleasure to have shared such wonderful moments and insights with you as a HYL workshop facilitator, who has so much wisdom, love, and courage. You have so much to give to our human race and to our planet... healing, love and joy 🌹 It was an honor to call you mom. May all your dreams manifest into reality.
Love and gratitude


Kimberly D.

Alberta, Canada

G Ruthara, brings years of teaching and healing experience to her role as a HYL workshop facilitator. One of her many gifts is to choose activities that allowed me to get to the heart of some of my issues I was working through. She is a wise and powerful woman who is not afraid to share personal experiences to help others.


Christy Crane

Bonsall, California, USA

G Ruthara is a loving and a caring soul full of wisdom. Her skills as a HYL workshop facilitator exceeded my expectations. She is a knowledgeable person in teaching learning to love and forgive. She created a space for deep healing and genuine sharing . I look forward to learning more workshops from her and learning more from her deep well of wisdom.


Michelina D'Addario

North Olmsted, Ohio, USA

I would highly recommend G Ruthara as a Heal Your Life Coach.In our sessions, I was able to release emotional trauma. She brings many years of wisdom and she helped me tremendously on my pathway to wellness.With a greatfulheart, Thank You,

Dr. Dhanalakshmi

MBBS, Chennai

Heal your life was one awesome workshop. My heartfelt thanks to our divine Ruthra mam. You taught us life lessons mam.. The emphasis on life love and let go of the past was a real eye opener ♥.It was such a life changing experience.. You never fail to amaze us each time you conduct a workshop..all of us who got an opportunity to attend this lovely class are blessed..

This is one of the magical workshops that mam has ever conducted. I got healed emotionally as well as physically. We will experience such miracles with the healing modality we learn through this program which is nothing but Self-love.

Thank you mam for all the unconditional love you have for us.


Maya Rajan

Occupational Health & Safety Trainer, Chennai

If there is a healing modality that is simple yet profound, easy yet deep, fun yet serious, that's Heal Your Life for you! Today we had lots of fun having Affirmation Bath, giving each other shoulder massages and lots of singing and dancing. We also dug deeper into ourselves to see what the mirror, inner child, 'shoulds' and 'coulds' say. We make plans to love, heal and grow. It's all about having a wonderful life, loving oneself and feeling worthy simply because we exist.



Software Engineer, Chennai

The Heal Your Life workshop was very good. I was overwhelmed by the amazing experience. When I started loving myself ♥ all my millions of body cells started loving each other ♥ The mirror exercise helped to increase self-love. The pillow exercise helped to release most of my anger, guilt and fear. I felt the power and energy which mam had built inside the room by calling in the ascended Masters, the Angels, Gods and Godesses. The affirmation bath was like an enjoyable waterfall and I was able to construct my affirmations in a defined manner. I realized the cosmic kitchen is always ready to serve me and it is only waiting for me to place the order. Now I have got all the tools, techniques and empowerment for making life easy. Thanks to Mam for all the insights.



Engineer, Chennai

After the two day Heal Your Life program I feel something good has happened inside of me. Whenever I was disturbed by phone calls from my family I was always annoyed and would often show my anger on them or I would not answer the calls. This has changed since the workshop. I am now more relaxed, tension-free and happy. I attend the calls without anger and I am able to deal with the issues patiently. I am surprised at myself for the changes that are happening in me. I wish to thank Mam and all the participants.



Psychological Counselor, Chennai

HYL workshop was packed with so much love ♥ Meeting Dr. Ruthara was invigorating & energizing. Louise Hay's philosophy is so simple & based on love, a key ingredient that was missing in her life. Yet, she was able to overcome so much to spread so much love & joy in the world. Thank you Dr. Ruthara for introducing me to this beautiful soul & her work. Thank you for all the processes that brought so much peace in my inner being. Thanks to all my soul mates for your caring & sharing.



Entrepreneur, Chennai

Just when I thought that I had released all that I needed to release and was well on the way in my spiritual path, here comes one more from mam's grand repertoire of healing modalities... Heal your life by loving yourself was the central theme of the workshop. No one taught me how to love myself unconditionally. Every process every meditation brought into my awareness what a huge vacuum of lack of love, unworthiness, undeserving and unforgiveness I was carrying around all these days... I understood how Louise Hay believed in slowly churning out the unresolved issues and emotions deep within our psyche and setting them free. In the process we break the chains that have kept us bound and we free ourselves and our future from its torturous hold. The healing energy of love was simply overwhelming and overpowering. We sang together we hugged together and we cried together....most importantly we healed together. Thank you Ruthara mam for this life transforming program... My life will never be the same again...



IT Engineer, Chennai

'Heal your life' was one fabulous magical experience that showed the creator inside us and its projection as our 'Self'. Love yourself and the entire universe mirrors it to you. What a beautiful and simple way to learn such a profound concept. I got divine guidance from the moment we started class connection till the joyful ending. It was filled with insights, subtle messages and answers like joining pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Every partner I connected with gave me amazing insights.I got healed at various levels, discovered and rediscovered myself.

It is true that the HYL program heals people in different ways. The secret ingredient Self-love was an eye-opener and I did those simple yet profound exercises with my children. I could see lots of positivity, cheerfulness and confidence in them afterwards. It helps them rid themselves of unwanted conditioning by society and other external factors. I felt a major connection in the process and received lots of insights throughout the program. It was truly a magical workshop.

Very grateful to you Ruthara Ma'am for creating this divine miracle.



Lecturer, Chennai

Heal your life ♥ Simple yet profound! The minute I walked into the room and saw Ruthara ma'am the things that were previously on my mind and heart were replaced with a smile and an outpour of positivity. Deep and sincere gratitude to you ma'am you connected me with a piece of myself that I have only sensed and never really met. I felt a release in a safe place where there was no judgement, just warmth, love and security. My soul feels more like vibrant and I feel free in my mind, body and soul. My expectations were exceeded. Insights gained from this HYL session: The more the heart expands with unconditional self love, the less offended I feel by other people working out their particular stage of being human.



Housewife, Chennai

I thank from bottom of my heart our dearest Mam Rudra for introducing this HYL workshop. The two days programme is really amazing It made me to feel how LOVE ♥ is important in our life That too SELF LOVE ♥ is the only tool which helps us to heal ourself n others. Though we had so many meditation n techniques during this session Mirror work n Hugtime touched my soul deeply During hug time myself n my partner really felt that how Love♥ plays many roles n how much ♥ Love n comfort we shared to each other. After this HYL workshop I went with an expanded HEART ♥ filled full of Love ♥ I once again thank our lovable Mam for this wonderful workshop.



Healer, Teacher, Chennai

Heal Your Life was such a life-transforming program for me. It really helped to bring out my inner strength. This program makes you understand what steps are to be taken to change oneself. After the transformation occurred and helped me to clear out a lot of emotional issues that I was not even aware of, I am now surprised to see the change not only within me but also in the people around me. People who want to transform their lives miraculously must attend this program. Lots of gratitude to mam who is helping us transform our lives.



Healer, Chennai

Heal Your Life was a beautiful program. I felt loved during the workshop. I really liked the 9 guiding principles particularly the one that said that we have the power to choose our thoughts - that was an eye-opener for me. Also I learned that we can heal our bodies by pouring love on the affected area.

The HYL workshop can be very useful for anyone experiencing a lack of self-love, self-esteem and self-confidence or anyone having a troubled relationship. The love that one experiences in the course of the workshop and the learnings from the workshop can truly transform the lives of those facing such issues. The workshop also has many takeaways for those practising other healing modalities. In short, the workshop is useful for everybody.

My Gratitude to Ruthara mam and Louise Hay for this wonderful program.


Raghuraman K.P.

Business, Bangalore

Brian Weiss says you don't have to understand the working science behind a modality if it helps heal you. I stepped into the HYL program without knowing Louise Hay, but my confidence was in the takeaway from my teacher. I haven't been let down. Unmistakably what clocked for me in HYL is silencing the inner critic and the mirror exercise for self-love.

My transformation experience - I am working in night shifts with decent pay and had just joined a business venture with my friend when I attended the HYL program. The business has expanded beyond our imaginable scope and now we are going international with our own brand. One other thing that came across as a game-changer, was the fear of the future. All horoscopes, astrologers and Gurus had indicated that I will have a tough time with unimaginable repercussions in October this year. The fear was gnawing at my heart and mind... come October and I was walking with an air of confidence and working away without a care. The fear was gone.