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Reiki Level I, II and Master / Teacher Program


Levels of reiki practice:

Reiki I: Introductory level. Facilitates access to the energy and enables direct hands-on self-healing. The Reiki Master attunes the student and opens the chakras to Reiki energy. Introduction to auras, Chakras and Nadis, Cleansing of Chakras and Auras, Hand positions (Self Healing), and Balancing the Chakras.


Reiki II: This level comprises of attunements to 'power keys' or symbols used for effective physical, mental and emotional healing for others. Scan, Beam, Heal at a distance, Heal oneself and others, Heal groups, Protect oneself and others, Perform reflex Reiki, Reiki wish box etc..


Advanced Levels: Reiki IIIA, IIIB .

Reiki IIIA : The meaning and function of the Usui Master symbol (Dai-Ko-Myo) -traditional and modern, Reiki IIIA attunement exercise - contracting the Hui Yin, More details on the 12 chakras, Psychic surgery - a process of drawing out negative energy from the body or aura, Crystal grid - How to program it to work for you and your loved ones, Intensified Reiki Healing Exercise - after III-A Attunement, Solar-is-Reiki – brings in the necessary solar rays of transmutation to cleanse and clear the energy clutter from the chakras and etheric body, Aura treatment - opens the aura with crystals to heal chronic cases, Silver light - to clear the energy field and Solar disc. Intensified Reiki Healing Exercises - after III-A attunement Gyoshi-ho - sends Reiki to a specific area or to the whole person with your eyes.


Reiki IIIB: This level enhances one's confidence and knowledge to conduct a Reiki class. This generally comes from an apprenticeship with an experienced Reiki teacher to see what it's like on the other side of the table.


Anthakarna – ancient symbol of healing, Using the Anthakarna symbol for meditation and other uses, Two additional symbols for attunement (Tibetan Master Symbol and Tibetan Fire Serpent), How to give Reiki attunement, Violet Breath, Kidney Breathing, Reiki Healing attunements (different from Reiki attunements), Distance attunement and Teaching Plan.

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