A Journey Self Discovery 



A Journey Self Discovery 

Priyanka Mohan

Six days of self-discovery is good enough to churn me well and eliminate unwanted stuff that served me no purpose. The lighter I felt, the deeper I traveled and witnessed the joy and happiness dwelling in all my cells. There came a final 6th day of the miracle journey. Right from the start it was soo relieving and soothing and then and there closed my eyes basking in a relaxed state. This course shaped my confidence levels even higher with deep cleansing on all 6 days. Thank you! Thankyou:)) Thankyou


This Six-day Journey to  Self Discovery Webinar has empowered my Deservability, loving myself unconditionally, how to manifest Abundance in all areas of my life, and the importance of setting Boundaries..  Affirmation Bath was a unique experience as it was a Blessing to hear my name being called so many times showered with unconditional love by the Soul family members. In yesterday's session in Creating Miracles,  I could understand clearly the mistakes I  am doing and how to correct them. Miracle meditation with the Mantra chanting was magical. 

Mam,  each time I am amazed by your Passion for bringing out Unique Programs, sharing your experience with the World Class Masters and Teachers, imparting us the learning with simple but powerful processes thereby giving us the Essence of what is needed for us in a nutshell.

This journey of healing is a continuous process as I have to keep on shedding many layers, one by one. I am sure with your Guidance and Support I will Manifest a Miracle in my Life . Thank you very much, Mam


I had a fabulous time discovering myself in the 6-day Self Discovery class. The deservability class made some deep-rooted issues from childhood surface and negative beliefs of having to work hard in order to deserve something was replaced with deserving the best easily and effortlessly, just like you deserve to live this life.

The class on boundaries was a very exciting one because I had to be honest with myself about instances in the past when I allowed my boundaries to be encroached and crossed other's boundaries as well. I realized how much my relationships suffered because boundaries were crossed.

I especially loved the miracles class that helped me change intentions that were ego-based to that of the soul. It felt so good to set these intentions because they resonated with the true me and I also have faith that they will come true.

I thank the Creator to have guided me through this process and showing me a teacher who is selfless in imparting the vast knowledge has gained from her masters. Ruthara mam's energy levels, soothing voice, commitment to teaching, and transfer knowledge is just awesome! I look forward to attending her future programs.


The journey of Self Discovery Online Webinar Feedback Dear Ruthara ma'am... I know I attend all your sessions and I promptly give feedback. This time however I am just lost for words. In these 6 sessions, you have shown me what an incredible teacher you really are. It feels like your voice and your words have come like a breeze and blown away many cobwebs in my brain and my soul. Like how you said that the brain is the receiver of universal wisdom and knowledge, so are you, an efficient and clear receiver of universal love and intelligence. This of course would not be possible without your innate compassion and kindness. You are the first person to demonstrate to me that true intelligence is made up of compassion and love.  This program is unlike anything I have experienced in my 4 years with you. It is easy to get a certificate from anywhere and call oneself a healer, but to have healed yourself to the point where you embody humility and unconditional love, that's just inspiring. Thank you!

Divya Bharati

Thank you ma'am for the seminar on Self Discovery. It was a whole different level of experience for me. The messages which I got during the meditations have strengthened my ability to inner self-work. These past days classes have made me realize that I am important to me and the value of my self worth is supposed to be my utmost priority. The feeling of being in love with myself, being comfortable, confident, and safe, is the best joyful feeling one can experience.

These 6 days of a workshop taught me, where we can store emotions of grudge, judgment, and many more....for me it was a new pathway that opened up to see myself and others from a very different perspective, once the stored emotions were released. It made me realized that looking at things from a loving perspective is not difficult once we start to see, read from this beautiful vibration. A sense of positive shift is what I am experiencing now, especially after the Miracle session day.I feel I can not only touch the sky but, beyond. Every time i do your classes it is like I am meeting a new ME. Thank you, Ma'am


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