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Family Constellations was originally developed by Bert Hellinger as a process that would unfold within a  However, over the years since that early development, this workshop setting. way of working has moved into many different settings. One of these settings is that of the individual, one-on-one constellation. Using the Family Constellations modality, we can open a space to explore whatever it is that is keeping you from living a full life.

What makes this way of working differently from the many other therapies that are already available?​

Well, firstly there is less talking about the issue and less re-telling of the ‘story’ that is behind the discomfort, the unease or the stuckness being experienced. You the client and I the facilitator will approach the issue in a different way – we will work in a still space, outside the linear time that we experience in our daily lived world. We will also explore the wider, generational system that you are part of,  and how the patterns and events of the past may be impacting your present life and the lives of your partner and children.

The doing of an individual family constellations session

As in a workshop setting, the individual family constellation session begins with you the client setting up a 3-dimensional representation of your ‘inner image’, your internal picture of your family. The family members or elements belonging to the issue that you bring to the session are represented by small figures or placement cards. In fact any object may be used as a stand-in to take the place of what is a workshop setting would be a live representative.

Guided by the underlying principles of family constellations

In this individual setting we do not have the voices of live representatives; however, we are still guided by the same underlying principles of family constellations:

Belonging – who belongs (in this family, in this group), who is excluded Order – who comes first (in the sibling birth order; order of parents/partners, orders of the wider system) Balance – is there balance between giving and taking (the giving of parents to the child and the taking of the child from parents)

You the client are guided by a ‘felt sense’, a felt experience of what changes each time one of the elements of your inner image (externalized by the 3-dimensional picture) moves, or when a new element or person is introduced into the constellation image.

Working with this externalized image also allows you some distance, enabling you to have a meta-view of your issue. This can allow you more easily to move away from being stuck in the story of the problem. The hidden knowledge that lies underneath ‘the story’ is what can be accessed through trusting the responses of your body during the constellation process. The uncovering of what has been unseen allows a new movement, a new way of telling your story. This, in turn, opens up the possibility of telling a new story that can carry a new meaning and new ways of acting and being in your world.

This is the power of using the Family Constellations modality – stepping away from story and words, and working with what is hidden in our family systems, using the deep wisdom of our bodies. Working with this modality also allows us to access the wisdoms and support from others, that we often feel cut off from when we are in crises.





Words cannot describe my experience at the Family Constellation workshop.  Every process and every word uttered by mam was magical and life-transforming no soul transforming. I am still reeling under the effects of the changes and shifts that are happening inside of me. My world view has changed. My understanding of my relationships has changed. My approach to problems has changed. I am not the same person I was the day before yesterday If I sound like I am rambling, that only reveals the profound impact of what has happened in the last couple of days


Miraculously, yes miraculously, I have disentangled myself from the shackles of my loyalties oaths and vows that I had made at a soul level to remain sad, miserable, confused and stagnant.  Now I am free, FREE, FREE. I am reveling in my new found freedom and having healed and found a way to heal all ancestral traumas and dramas and clear the path for my growth and progress and fulfill my Life purpose here on planet Earth.

Thank you Ruthara mam.  💓💖💝 Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   I can never thank you enough in this lifetime for all that you have brought into my life. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💝


Yoga Teacher


This past weekend was a life-changing breakthrough for me. I can say with utmost clarity that I have healed the karma that I took this birth for. I finally understood my unconscious programming and loyalties towards my ancestors and was able to understand and forgive my parents for their actions. I feel like my life's journey has been course-corrected into my true destiny of love and happiness. All the pain that has been holding me back and causing further entanglement has evaporated and replaced with love and purpose.

While each and every program by Ruthara ma'am is an offering from her soul, I will say this is her signature workshop. She knew every single person's issues in her heart and addressed the details of our problems and brought them to the light to be healed. I am amazed at how alert and how attentive she was to each and every word spoken and change in energy. I truly commend her and for the dedication with which they planned and put together this beautiful experience. Their intentions to help us heal were so pure that I could sense the presence of thousands of beings of light surrounding us and aiding the transmutation and healing. 

This was not the regular psycho-drama that other therapists enact in the name of Family Constellations. This wasn't a theory-driven workshop, this was release, healing and integration at the level of the soul. If you have missed out this time for whatever be your reservations or reasons, the next one you must make space for. No matter how much time you have spent on this path, or how much you know, or how many practices you do, this is the soul healing you have been preparing for. Rumi said, "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." Ruthara ma'am's Family Constellations will help you recognize that ultimate barrier you hold against your parents and ancestors and dissolve it into love. There will be no looking back after this, only forwards into your glory.

So many changes already - internally and externally. While I was in the workshop doing the healing with my mom, she was in my apartment getting the geyser installed, the house cleaned, paintings put up, putting food and groceries in my fridge. She never has shown interest in me or taken action. Normally she is very detached from me. What an incredible change! This is soul level healing not just for me, but also for her. Thank you ma'am


Occupational Health & Safety Trainer

Maya Rajan

I would always ridicule, at least in my mind, when someone says parents are like God and that we should honor them. Though I would ridicule this sentiment, deep down I knew and longed for my parents' love, care and blessings. I knew this was important for my progress. I have never heard ever heard my parents say three magical words 'I love you'. But my outlook towards my parents changed over the last weekend.  The family constellations workshop has raised my awareness about my parents' feelings and reasons why they did what they did. I no longer hold any grudge or grievance towards them. 

I profusely thank Ruthara mam and Khizer sir for giving us this blessing of clearing entanglements and loyalties with my ancestors. I am hopeful that my life would be set into a different rhythm and motion, now that I have my ancestor's blessings. An important take-away for me was the lesson that we give equal importance to our parents as we give our children. I also realized this workshop not only helps me and my future generations but also my ancestors. Who knows! The people from the past could be the people of the future.

Thank you again Ruthara Mam for all the effort you put through to make this workshop happen and your endeavors to go that extra mile to provide more.  I have my ancestor's blessings now.


IT Data Engineer


The Family Constellation Workshop has been a beautiful ride for me unraveling all mysteries while traversing the map of our family lineages - both paternal and maternal. All the while feeling very safe, as we are completely supported by our loving ancestors and all divine beings of light in the space held by our dear Ruthara Ma'am. 

I've been looking forward to Family Constellation Workshop for past 1 yr and was completely astonished by the profound processes Ma'am took us through. I'm doing my inner work for quite some time but even then, I couldn't peel off the layers completely. This is THE ONE class I understood the triggers for all those sabotage feelings - its something I've taken loyalty from my family lineage. Also realized, one person's trauma could pass on to many members of the family and entangles their relationship as well. It's very true that the seed for our major life lessons is always sown in our family. As The Alchemist says - "The treasure we seek is buried beneath our feet". 

Every soul who attended the class were completely filled with so much love & compassion for everybody else and was moved in a way I've never seen before. It made this class very unique and it was possible only because of our dear, compassionate and loving soul Ruthara Ma'am. Forever grateful to you Ma'am. I wish every soul who wants to heal themselves, cross your path and dive to find their own Pearl's of wisdom. Also thankful to every fellow participant who shared their wisdom and supporting everyone in their journey



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