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Gratitude would be a very simple word to use to express the most profound, intense and deeply transformative experience I had during Emotional Release workshop. The joy of holding my favorite crystals and sense-enhancing aromatic oils made me want to jump in joy. The meditation was so very deeply insightful, healing, clearing, revealing and enhancing our energies. All negative emotions and blocks were released. Positive intentions were deeply embedded. Clearing statements helped in rooting deeply, my positive intentions.


We are blessed to have a teacher like you, G Ruthara mam, who works to learn and share all the knowledge, for healing and uplifting us all in every possible way. Ever grateful to you, ma’am for all the efforts and help that you extend and my soul family for your ever loving energy ... Love you mam 💜🙏🏻




The Emotional Release workshop comes with 2 unique processes - one with breath work and the other to release emotions with oils from the floral kingdom. The breath work was simply astounding with continuous clearings of chakras and auric layers. Everyone was able to attain direct cosmic source connection, helped by chants and music. The essential oils process was done in a mesmerizing and relaxed way with the fragrance of soothing oils and crystals. Everyone felt relaxed and released all emotions they were ready to let go of.


Emotional Release was an intense experience, I always thought what else I had to mentally release, since I do my daily exercises. Well, it was a revelation - just enough to understand how much of baggage I had hoarded in my system.


Amazing class! Thank you, ma'am, for bringing the knowledge to us his 💓🙏



The emotional release program, which is one of the Theta healing modalities, is a one of a kind workshop which uses essential oils to get direct access to the limbic system. The value of the process however is deeply enhanced by the initial chakra activation meditation using sound frequencies. 


In today's workshop, we all had a psychedelic experience during the activation. experienced the Kundalini rising and reached an out of the world ecstatic state... The second half of the program was the very calming application of specially mixed essential oils on the meridian points and reading of clearing statements to release the deeply entrenched emotions from the cellular level. Totally a mind blowing experience! The sound bowls, the sage sticks, the crystals ....all added to an unforgettable day for all of us. 🙏🏻🌷🙏🏻


Occupational Health & Safety Trainer

Thank you, mam, for this awesome class.  Your presence and energy were a vital part of our healing today. I thank the creator for giving me this opportunity.  I have no words to express the divinity experienced in class. Definitely, anyone who joins G Ruthara mam’s classes will be uplifted. I loved the group energy, as well.  . I am confident that I can manifest my dreams, all in divine timing.


Painter, Poet, Healer, Counsellor and a Writer 

What a day it was! The chakra cleansing and kundalini rising meditation transported us to the very abode of the God's. Each of us had a special experience. Some felt their divine presence, some were taken to His abode and some had an out of body experience! In this new age finding a genuine there is rare, but today I realized I got a wonderful teacher in G Ruthara mam. Ascended masters do live amongst us even today, and mam is one such!

Mrs. Kothai

A profound release of emotions that were buried deep inside the Chakras for incarnations together, made the Emotional Release workshop my most favorite and transformative experience ever. This is definitely a very unique experience, as the transformation happens immediately and the entire physical body aligns with the soul instantly, making us a pure channel of light and love. 


I would rather create another new language to express my gratitude and love to G Ruthara mam for taking so much efforts to give this most precious and valuable teaching to us, as I don't find exact words to describe how I feel😊. I feel so safe and protected than ever before.


It's interesting to understand the effects of all the oils and even more invigorating to experience the shift of energy immediately after the application of oils on the points. My soul has already started commanding me to follow my life purpose.  Gratitude and loads of love forever for the effort you take to transform all of us and spread spirituality, mam. 

Maya Guru

India Education Collective

Filled with gratitude for the Emotional Release workshop, beautifully conducted by our youthful, beautiful and energetic, G Ruthara Ma’m. The process of balancing and realigning the chakras was exceptional. The process of releasing negative emotions using specially formulated aromatic oils and powerful statements was very good. Those working in the field of healing can use that release process on others and help them overcome any emotional or physical trauma. Thank you, Ma’m, for teaching us, and further improvise them to make it more effective.


Emotional release workshop was a great release. The chakra process, harmonized with breathing & setting intentions for each chakra, was mind-blowing. I felt 10 kilos lighter after that & experienced tremendous sense of freedom.


Oils were so aromatic and I learnt the technique of using oils to release negative emotions.  Thank you, G Ruthara mam for your generous sharing & out doing yourself every time


Chartered Accountant

A class much awaited! Thank you, mam, for all the efforts you put into a class. You are amazing! I would highly recommend that you take Emotional Release class with mam. You can surely expect an out of world experience with her.


This time it was all internal for me - breaking each chakra with unusual breath  and sound combination, release through divine smelling oils, and holding crystals for energizing. I came back home smelling so divine and only wanting more.


Software Engineer

Ma'am, Emotional Release class was so great that  you can rightly call it your signature class. As you had warned, I was smiling and laughing even after three days of class. I am surly more productive than before. Most exciting result, ma'am, was some weight loss! This was what I needed and I got it. Words can't express my gratitude to you for removing such toxic emotions from me. Thank you, ma'am!

Dr. Govindaswamy


Every workshop is unique with new insights. Emotional release workshop was a fabulous experience. I was in various emotional state of mind throughout the kundalini journey - I smiled, cried and almost died. All the chakras got activated perfectly and I was so excited. I realized how sadhus in Himalayas and Manasarovar are barefoot and without clothes in the freezing cold. Of course the aroma therapy cures all the negative feelings.


Thanks to maam, for the unconditional love   . It makes me wonder how maam gives equal attention and care to all the participants in the class, all day long . I was sitting very close to maam during kundalini raising .  I feel blessed! 



Thank you, Ma’am for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great session.  The meditation of chakras with breathing was very intense - rising the kundalini and transcending beyond this realm. The energy rose so high! The higher chakras were too powerful and I felt supreme in those moments of internal silence.


The release with the oils and affirmations was another great experience which need to be experienced and not just read. It was a blissful day with new insights and experience which stays on. 

Gratitude to Ma’am again, for her teaching and guidance.   

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