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Birthday Celebration with my students in Dubai

International Woman's Day Excellence Award
2005 in Dubai

Annual celebration in Dubai

The Best Achievers Award

The Best Achievers Award was presented to G Ruthara during the International  Women's Day celebration presided by HON'BLE DR. JUSTICE T. N. VALLINAYAGANI in Chennai in 2016

Workshop in Trichy

G Ruthara facilitated a workshop in Trichy under the banner, Holistic Innovation.

Hypnotic Club in Chennai 

Thetahealing Talk was presented in Hypnotic Club in Chennai by G Ruthara

India Post TV Show in California - USA

Appeared in Print and Television Media at the Regional and National level creating an awareness for the Old age home community.

Rotary club and Raj TV Talks

Rotary club and Raj TV talks and interview creating  awareness on Theta Healing

Chennai Boat Club

Workshop conducted by G Ruthara at Chennai Boat club

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