This was a fun and interactive class for teens. It had a mix of yoga, meditation and powerful affirmations. It was to not only be more positive but to also bring peace of mind. This course showed us new ways to live our life and set goals for the future. I recommend this course for anyone and everyone. It is a way to get to know yourself and become more confident in who you are. After this course, I can love and accept myself for who I am. This was a safe space for everyone to share about themselves and gain personal awareness. I totally recommend this to all of you!

Fletcher Middle School, USA

Student 1


The Heal Your Life Teen Empowerment Workshop greatly benefitted me and changed my life within the span of one week! I was taught methods and techniques to help deal with anger management, forgiveness, for loving and accepting myself, and many more that aimed at eliminating any negative thoughts that I had towards myself. This summer camp has really helped me in understanding myself, my desires, my fears, and how to handle all of my emotions. I could not thank my instructors enough for their efforts and help!

Fletcher Middle School, USA

Student 2


Heal Your Life is an amazing class. Everyone cares about you and what you have to say. You will learn to be a more confident and proud person. During the class, you do many activities such as yoga, meditation, coloring, and many others. You also learn how to manage anger and how to forgive others easily. This class is very helpful and I'm very thankful I took it.

Fletcher Middle School, USA

Student 3


The Heal Your Life program was a great way for me to learn new ways to think positively, forgive others easily, and control my anger. It taught me a new way to look at life and to stay stress free. I learned so many things, and thanks to my instructor! I recommend this program to teens that want to look on the bright side more, teens that have low self-esteem, and teens who just want to lean more spiritually.

Fletcher Middle School, USA

Student 4



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