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A Journey to Self Love to Transform Your Life and Awaken Your Soul... 

Do you feel like you’re never good enough no matter what you do? Do you accept less than what you deserve? Are you seeking validation from relationships, career, and people around you or putting others before yourself and end up getting nothing out of the deal? Are you hard on yourself when you don’t get something right? Do you feel the need to change?

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to strengthen self love. It is based on scientific methods, packed with meditations and exercises to help you build positive and loving relationship with yourself and others.

35 participants joined in from New Zealand, Dubai and various locations across India.

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Inner Child Healing - Reclaim Your True Self

In this course you will learn to identify the difference between your inner child and your adult self, leading to a balanced way of living, which fills your life with joy, laughter, fun, success, and healthy relationships. Fear, anger, jealousy and addiction are just a few of the ways our inner child can sabotage us, without meaning to, when allowed to make adult decisions. You also learn to change the behavior patterns that are keeping you from creating the life and relationships you want and deserve. 

We had 40 participants from Chennai, Kodaikanal, Bombay, Thane, Ahmedabad, Trivandrum, Cochin,  Bangalore, Goa, Pondicherry, Dehradun, Dubai, USA, and Malaysia who attended this awesome program last weekend.😇💖

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The Art and Science of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is an incredible healing path for releasing those whom you believe have wronged you, not for their sake, but for your own health and well-being. You can learn to move beyond emotional wounds, to heal and rise above the past.  Through forgiveness, you can reclaim your power and strength, and live your life to the fullest.

This was an amazing workshop made special by the presence of over 40 participants from USA, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Ghana (Africa) and various parts of  India.  So honored to have taught these wonderful souls - The Art and Science of Forgiveness. Only Forgiveness can set you free!  Kudos to the 40 attendees for kick starting their new journeys with me.

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Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen

How to Create What You Really, Really Want.. Imagine that the Universe is like a Cosmic Kitchen with an Infinite Menu, just waiting to fulfill your orders. In this webinar, you'll learn how to effectively place your orders with the Cosmic Kitchen and to create what you want in your life! It's time to claim your magnificence and discover your life's purpose by learning the art of ordering and receiving from the Universe. 

25 participants joined in from New Zealand, Dubai and various locations across India

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Loving Your body

In this webinar you will learn ways to create a lasting positive relationship with your body, self Identifying and unearthing what is blocking you from honestly loving your body, and connecting to your body and emotions. 

We had 18 participants who enjoyed the processes to release negative beliefs and any trauma related to their body image resulting in a transformed state of mind where they began to appreciate the healthy and unique bodies that serves as a temple for the soul.


Celebrating The Legacy of Louise L Hay

We had an amazing session celebrating Louise Hay's life and legacy with over 57 participants from around the World. We all felt universally connected with the firm intention of love and forgiveness. The sharing circle gave us goosebumps and filled us with gratitude of being together.

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