Shamanic Healing is a spiritual practice where one expands their state of consciousness, goes into a partial trance state and is able to communicate with power animals and spirit guides.  Practicing shamanic journeying can be informative, healing, enriching, invigorating, and empowering!  This is the foundation practice for shamanism and shamanic healing.  This practice is truly open to all people who are interested. Some people journey right away, and other take some time before their left brain and mind quiet down enough to allow the shamanic journey to happen. For those of us that journeying isn’t as easy initially, that means it’s even better to engage in this practice- it’s needed for balancing! This is an introductory workshop and is welcome to beginners/experienced.

Part I: Embodiment Shamanic Practices

We will connect with ourselves through prayerful body movement, including an energy medicine daily routine, 4 elements group ritual, and clearing/receiving dance.  This clearing/receiving dance has 2 parts. The first releases blockages, beliefs & energy that are not in our highest good. The second part invites in supportive, nurturing, inspirited energy into self. This includes about 1 hour of practice that can be repeated at home to maintain flow, clarity, and clean energy on a daily basis. I refer to this practice as a living prayer. After this practice, the body, mind, spirit is open and ready to connect further!

Part II: Discussion and Teachings

  • What is Shamanism and living a shamanic way of life

  • What is Shamanic Journeying

  • What are spirit guides/power animals

  • What are the benefits of shamanic journeying

  • How to shamanic journey

  • What is Non-Ordinary-Reality, The lower/upper/middle worlds

  • How to stay safe during shamanic journeying

  • What supports health and causes illness from a shamanic perspective

Part III: Experiencing the Shamanic Journey

  • Opening and grounding meditation before each journey to facilitate journeying

  • Guidance through visualization into the first shamanic journey

  • Several journeys to meet power animal/spirit guide, receive healing and to divine information, that are done on your own (not guided after the initial one)



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