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Access Bars & Energetic Facelift
Yoga Teacher, Chennai

Divya Bharati

Access Facelift is by far one of the most powerful and transformative healing modalities I have learned. In my personal practice as well as in working with clients, I am still astounded as to how such a simple set of hand placements and repetition of words can bring about life-changing healing and transformations. In spite of its name, Access Facelift goes beyond simply addressing how you look, but also digs deep into core issues and worries you carry and releases those, to facilitate holistic healing.

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Access Consciousness Bars


Poonam Veervani

The Access Bars just took me to a place of total gratitude, peace & positivity. I felt so light and like new born after the access bars. I felt connected to everything. I live in a new world. I am positive. I love myself. I have better relationships.


Every day I wake up in the morning and I am in a state of happiness and gratitude.  I thank you for sharing this knowledge and wisdom which can help others heal.

Two major shifts which saw were:

My son was not good at studies. I ran his bars every day, I could see my son was more focused in his studies and his results surpassed our expectations. He has improved a lot and has got admission in a very good college.

For my husband when I ran his bars, his stress levels were reduced and he started to focus on his business with more clarity

Thank you mam for your guidance and support.. We are  grateful to you as a family


Access Bars & Energetic Facelift
Software Engineer, Chennai


I was introduced to Access consciousness by Access Bar classes and found it really useful for healing. Little did I knew about Facelift except for its fancy name. The initial session left me very calm, peaceful and bright. In addition to that, I started doing the 21 day practice and that's when I got hooked to it and its wonderful benefits came out. Though I learnt to do meditation from my school days, my mind always used to wander during any spiritual practices. I couldn't find any further way to get out of this distraction. Luckily, facelift came as a real magic , cleared away all those spiritual debris and paved the way to deepen my spiritual sadhana. It stayed permanent and never went back at least to the intense of old distracting mind. Of course, it also made me look more bright including the complexion. In addition it also took care of my health issue. It's truly a powerful, deep and easy, effortless way for maintaining a centered - mind, body and soul.


Access Bars & Energetic Facelift
Business, Chennai


Access Consciousness bars workshop was a wonderful experience. I experienced deep relaxation and felt the powerful energy. Thank you Ruthara mam for conducting this class and teaching us with clarity. The learnings were really intense.

The Energetic facelift sessions was an amazing experience. The experience was different while giving and receiving bars. There were lots of insights and emotions which came up. I find it a simplified version of immense knowledge. Thank you mam making it happen.


Access Bars & Energetic Facelift

Sudha Palani

The process appears simple but it has deep meaning and the healing was very intense. I was able to get insights when the bars were run. Thank you Ruthara Mam for bringing this knowledge to us.


Access Bars
Painter, Poet, Healer, Counsellor, Writer

Sharada Shankar

Ma'am - infinite gratitudes for blessing us with access... an energy par excellence... each and every moment was filled with joy and an experience which will be forever in our deepest...


Access Bars & Energetic Facelift
Architect/ Professor, Chennai

Dr.Geeta Arjun

Running the bars for the different aspects of life was an amazing experience. I was in a deep state of relaxation and still have a feeling of lightness in my mind and body. I feel calm with no thoughts running in my head.

Energetic facelift was indeed magical. I cannot stop feeling happy. Thank you Ruthara Mam for making us avail of this knowledge.


Access Bars
Business, Chennai


Thank you very much mam for the BARs class. I could sense the energy flow. The immediate changes I see are:

  1. a lot of improvement in my leg.

  2. many good business inquiries coming my way.

  3. positive of becoming very rich soon.

  4. motivated to reach my financial target.

  5. confident of my son overcoming his challenges.

Thank you for the enriching knowledge.


Access Bars
Healer, Chennai


Access class released a lot of issues. Each and every bar has is unique. No words to express what I felt in the class. Lots of gratitude to mam...


Access Bars
Singer, Chennai


Thank you mam for such a wonderful session. It gave me peace of mind which I really was in need of yesterday. Hoping to practice this full-fledged with your blessings.


Access Bars
Homemaker, Chennai


It was a wonderful class. The session was very interesting and mind blowing... Ruthra mam, thanks for providing the wonderful opportunity to us and teaching us something which we need that very moment.


Access Bars
Chartered Accountant, Chennai


A couple of days ago I was getting annoyed about things over which I had no control and it was bothering me so much I got annoyed with myself for it... At the Bars class I learned the crazy phrase and started repeating it mentally with full faith... Please believe me when I say that my irritable mood vanished completely. I started to feel light. I started laughing at myself for getting annoyed... Although getting irritated is such a small thing, having a quick relief remedy is such a BLESSING...

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