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What if your life could be BETTER than anything you've ever imagined?

​What if changing your life is easier than you imagine? What if there was a simple, easy technique you could learn that has the ability to release accumulated limiting beliefs, feelings, and attitudes you've collected over the years?

There is! It's called Access Consciousness® The BARS. The BARS is an energetic body process that manipulates 32 different points of energy on your head.

When the process is run, it assists you in releasing limiting decisions of your life that you have solidified and therefore cannot change. These bars store the electromagnetic components of your thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions, and beliefs. There are BARS for healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, sex and money, just to name a few. Every point of view you take solidifies energy and limits your capacity to change. By running energy through the BARS, you begin to dissipate the electrical charge as it is stored in your brain, much like deleting old files on your computer and creating space.


What are The Benefits?

The BARS is an easy and dynamic life-changing process. Use this process to receive the BARS for yourself, assist your family, or add this tool to your practice. People who have their BARS run weekly report an increase in energy, elimination of mind chatter and stress, elimination of illness, faster recovery from injuries, more youthful appearance, heightened state of awareness, and more. Unrewarding behavior patterns and emotional and physical trauma are released every time you have your BARS run. The regular practice provides exponential change to your life and body and limits the projection of the past into your future. You continuously become more open to receive new and different possibilities. How does it get any better than that?


What is The BARS class?

The BARS is the first class in Access Consciousness, a dynamic set of tools and information designed to transform all areas of your life. In this FULL-DAY CLASS, you will learn Access BARS with total ease. Each class includes:


  • Viewing "Access The BARS" DVD where the founder, Gary Douglas personally demonstrates the technique

  • You, receiving BARS twice and you, running another person's BARS twice


In addition, you will be provided with a comprehensive manual to assist you in running Access BARS, on your own.


Access Consciousness® Bars classes/training

Duration: 1 day
Prerequisites: None


Access Consciousness® Bars Packages

60 minutes session
5-Pack Special - five 60 minute sessions  



G Ruthara
Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator
Access Energetic Facelift™ Facilitator

Access Body Process Facilitator

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